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Nine things you’ll hear in Bournemouth during first semester

Spoiler: You might be the one talking!

Ah, first semester – that magical time when wide-eyed students embark on their university journey, armed with textbooks, a thirst for knowledge, and an uncanny ability to consume late-night kebabs like it’s an Olympic sport. It’s a week of discovery, friendship, and, of course, a barrage of recurring phrases that will become the soundtrack of your university life.

1. ‘Let’s hit the beach before it’s too cold!’

Picture this: Textbooks in one hand, beach ball in the other. Bournemouth’s beach transforms into our ultimate study spot. Who says you can’t ace that assignment while catching the perfect wave? Spoiler alert: You totally can!

2. ‘Where’s the party tonight?’

Every night holds a surprise, and by surprise, we mean trying to locate your misplaced dignity after dancing the night away in a club that probably should’ve closed hours ago. But hey, epic memories, right?

3. ‘I can’t find my lecture hall!’

Navigating the campus is an adventure, a bewildering maze where Google Maps and common sense go to die. Just remember, getting lost builds character.

4. ‘Let’s grab a coffee at The Square.’

The heart of Bournemouth, The Square: Where coffee flows like the River Thames and your wallet slowly but surely empties. But, hey, caffeine is the elixir of academic life.

5. ‘Have you tried the local seafood?’

Bournemouth is renowned for its fresh seafood, and your fellow students will undoubtedly recommend their favourite seafood joints. It’s a culinary adventure that ranges from “delicious” to “slightly suspicious.” Challenge accepted.

6. ‘Join our society – we have epic events planned!’

And just when you thought you’d seen it all, brace yourself for the “Society of Society Joiners” where they meet to discuss… well, joining more societies. It’s like Inception but with club memberships. It’s a delightful paradox, a labyrinth of memberships that redefine the very essence of student social life. You might just find your lifelong friends anywhere from the Taylor Swift Society to the Bobcats.

7. ‘Where’s the best place for late-night snacks?’

Late-night snack quests are not for the faint-hearted. The best kebabs and pizza places become the subject of intense debates, usually fuelled by hunger and questionable life choices.

8. ‘Let’s make this year unforgettable!’

With this phrase, students pledge to conquer the world, or at least pass their exams without falling asleep in class. It’s the start of something beautiful, and by beautiful, we mean the epic journey through late-night study sessions.

9. ‘Freshers’ Flu strikes again!’

In the midst of all the festivities, you might hear sympathetic murmurs about the infamous Freshers’ Flu – the common cold’s rebellious cousin. It’s your rite of passage into student life, a badge of honour that says, “I partied a little too hard, but it was worth it.”

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