Calling all girlies, this is your ultimate guide to the Nottingham ‘hot girl walk’

Let’s get those steps in, hotties

So, you’re looking to switch up your aesthetic from club rat to clean girl in time for the Autumn term ahead. What better way to do this than throwing together a cute Autumnal ‘fit, putting your hot girl playlist on and walking off that double-vodka Redbull hangover? Whether you’re a local or completely new to the city, Nottingham boasts an array of beautifully-scenic routes that are easy to get your head around once you’re on your way.

Sometimes finding the motivation to get up and go out can be difficult, especially when going alone, but your future self will thank you that you did. Remember girls, it’s not a true hot girl walk unless you reward yourself with a little something sweet after – I mean, you deserve it after all.

What is the ‘hot girl walk’?

The hot girl walk concept went viral on TikTok in 2021 and it has only grown in popularity since. If walking sounds like your idea of a personal hell, theres a few things you could pair along with to make it a little more appealing:

  1. Grab a drink: Whether that’s treating yourself to an iced coffee or bringing a huge 2L water bottle from home –  stay hydrated girls.
  2. Choose a playlist: Listen to your old favourites or try out a new podcast, you’ll be more motivated listening to what you like.
  3. If you’re normally a planner who sticks to a certain route, try being spontaneous and follow a new path to see where you’ll end up.
  4. If you’re normally the spontaneous friend that doesn’t stick to any sort of plan, try mapping out your route before you leave, see if there’s places on the way that you’d like to visit.
  5. If you get bored walking by yourself, bring a friend with you.

You’re in the perfect place if you want to perfect your hot girl walk, so look no further. Out of many routes to pick, there’s something for everyone – whether you’re a fitness queen or, to be honest, lazy like me. Nottingham boasts some amazing parks and beautiful places for you to enjoy your hot girl walk, from the Arboretum to Highfields these are all the best places for that hot girl walk:

Wollaton Hall and Deer Park

Wollaton Hall and Deer Park, offers beautiful scenery and the chance to see a deer or two. Sometimes, you’ll find them simply roaming around the car park as if they’ve forgotten where they’ve parked for the day. There’s even a prehistoric tree at Wollaton which dates back to 58 million years ago. The walk takes about an hour to complete and is a fairly easy route, but you can shorten it to whatever distance you’d like. The best part – it’s completely free to enter the park, the hall and the gardens. There’s also a bus stop right outside the park, making it easy to arrive or leave if you’re on a busy schedule.

Highfields Park

If you take a moment to walk by the picturesque lake below the Trent Building for a scenic 30-minute walk. You’ll spot geese and squirrels all over the place and what’s better than a hot girl walk between lectures? Highfields is super easy to get to even if you’re not on campus, you can get the tram and get off at the University Boulevard stop. If all that walking makes you hungry, there’s also a lovely cafe a little way up the path for your essentials – because we know all hot girls need their iced coffee to recharge.

The Nottingham Canal

Now, if you’re wanting to see more of the city instead, you have to try out the Nottingham Canal walk through the city’s heart in Beeston. Start at the Wilford Street Bridge and take in the River Trent – walk further down and you’ll spot Castle Wharf, dotted with trendy bars, restaurants and cafes in the old warehouses.

Perfect in any season, rain or shine, the Canal route is an old favourite with Nottingham’s locals.Why not take the time to explore the lively town of Beeston nearby when you’re finished? Treat yourself and get your nails done, do a little bit of window shopping or visit a quirky coffee shop? And don’t forget to get that pic for your insta story while you’re at it.

The Arboretum

A peaceful walk in the Arboretum is a stunning place to get your hot girl steps in. Close to the city centre, it is Nottingham’s oldest public park and has a tree trail you can follow if you’re up for it. A favourite route to take is through the heritage trail which boasts a rich history and interesting facts about the Arboretum.You’ll even be able to spot the old Chinese bell tower there which was built back in 1862. It is recommended that you book your visit at the Arboretum to guarantee your entry, it’s completely free but it can get fairly busy.

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