Hate The Triangle? Here are five venues for an alternative night out in Bristol

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Bristol is full of great nights out and don’t we like to brag about it. Whether you’re a fan of DnB, techno, garage, or dancing to nostalgic tunes from the early 2000s, there really is a place for you. It’s been said that the city is home to the most independent artists and DJs in the country, and that’s excluding your latest bedroom mix.

This guide will show you how to get a taste of the musical originality pulsing through the city. There really is more to life than sweating in Gravity, waiting outside La Rocca for god knows how long, or ending up a victim of Lola Lo’s facebook pictures.

1. Trinity Centre

Fancy a night out in what used to be a church? Trinity Centre in the Old Market offers exactly this. It’s a community arts centre that offers every type of event possible, from dance classes to workshops, as well as music in the evening.

Previous events of note include Haai, an Australian electronic producer who has performed at Bristol’s Boiler Room, as well as Pangea, a club night celebrating “music around the globe”, playing everything from Bollywood to techno to dub.

With amazing acoustics and a large indoor capacity, Trinity is truly unique venue to look out for.

2. The Crofters Rights

This iconic space in Stokes Croft mixing pub with club (that also serves pizza) never disappoints. Crofters is a small venue that ensures an intimate feel, without obnoxious pushing and overwhelming crowds.

Every club night has something different to offer which can be summed up by the event “An Experience.” No two songs are the same, creating an electric madness about the place. This is perfect if you don’t know what genre of music you like, can dance to the Horrible Histories theme song, or enjoy finding yourself unexpectedly in a conga line.

3. Lost Horizon

A relatively new venue that looks like you’re in a shipping container, Lost Horizon is one to watch. Launched by Glastonbury Festival’s Shangri-La, a district that expresses their hatred for capitalism through creativity, this independent venue is a one room-wonder.

The open space allows you to get close and intimate with the DJ, plus the smoking area has cute little fairy lights.

Fatboy Slim played at Lost Horizon last year, as well as my personal favourite, Bakey. It’s a bit of a trek, but worth it.

4. Cosies

Another small and cozy (pardon the pun) venue near Stokes Croft, Cosies is home to nights of reggae and dubstep.

If you’re ever sat at home on a Sunday night with nowhere to go, Cosies is the place. They host Sunday nights of reggae music that promises immaculate vibes in their basement venue where DJs shun USBs for vinyl and everyone has their boogie on.

5. Propyard

Near Motion, Propyard holds events both in and outside. A former torpedo testing site that hosted Boiler Room last year, Propyard is a special venue for big name DJs rather than your average Friday night out. Notable guests include Skream, Elkka, Mall Grab, and Honey Dijon (coming up).

The portable loos and expensive drinks are slightly annoying, but with a capacity of 1000 inside and 3000 outside (plus food trucks), rest assured your time here will be thoroughly enjoyable.

If these venues sound like your vibe, Headfirst is a Bristol-specific app that shows you all the events happening, like the ones above, so you never miss a beat.

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