These are the top eight things guaranteed to happen at every Quack

If you have never been to Quack, here’s a list of all the things you will experience at your first Quack

Quack is the Lincoln student night out. Every Wednesday, Quack never fails to put on a good night out. Despite this, there are always things which are guaranteed to happen at every Quack. Some of these things make the night like dressing up, but other things can frustrate some students. Here is a list of the top eight things you are most likely to encounter on your night out.

Fighting for the Quack ducks

Without a doubt, every Quack, half the people there are fighting to catch a duck. Each Quack there is a new theme, and depending on that theme, depends on what the duck that week looks like. So many Lincoln students try and collect the ducks to add to their collection, meaning there are always loads of people fighting for them when they get thrown out.

Multiple cups on the floor

With nearly every step you take, you will find a cup on the floor. The further in the crowd you go, the more cups you will see. The floor can be a bit sticky as well, helping the cups be glued to the floor more. Just a shame you can’t get money from handing them in anymore.

A new costume everywhere you turn

Quack is known for its social nights, and near enough every society will come up with a new theme to dress as every week. The themes can range from iconic duos to pub golf.  Everyone always goes full out with their outfits and it is always fun going around Quack and seeing all the different costumes.

Massive queue at the bar

Most people will be able to agree that the queue for the bar is always huge. Even if you are drunk when you first enter Quack, you will sober up by waiting in the queue. A lot of people will just buy all their drinks at once to save them from having to go back up again. On the odd occasion, they will open up a second bar upstairs, which helps, but somehow there is always still a huge queue.

VK bottles getting thrown

Mind you head, because people in the club frequently throw those VK bottles. Due to the fact that two VKs are only available for five pounds, more people will purchase them, making them the primary beverage that is thrown around the club.

The non-ticket queue is quicker than the ticket queue

I have no idea how, but the ticket queue always takes a lot longer than the non-ticket queue. Many people have considered simply entering the non-ticket queue while acting as though they do not have a ticket. However, there is always the concern that they will force you to purchase a new ticket or that if you don’t purchase a ticket at all, it may be too busy to be let in.

‘As it was’ by Harry Styles playing

Even though this is a great song, does it have to be played at every Quack? The whole song would be played as well, from start to finish. All the Harry Styles fans dance and sing along to it like it is the first time they hear it, while everyone else takes it as an opportunity to go to the smoking area.

Struggling to lock the door in the girls’ toilets

You are lucky if you find a toilet which you can lock with ease. Good thing girls usually go to the toilet together so they can hold the door for one another, otherwise, everyone would have to use them with the door open.

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