These are the best places to get Halloween themed cocktails in Lincoln

The scariest thing here is the state of my bank account

Halloween is here and what better way to celebrate than some good old fashioned cocktails?

Many of the bars around Lincoln are offering limited edition Halloween cocktails to spice up your pres this week, but with so many on offer it’s hard to decide where to go. Especially if you don’t really want to spend all that money on a drink that just isn’t as scarily good as you imagined.

So, without further ado, here is our unofficial ranking of the Halloween drinks on offer this year.

Be At One

With the largest selection of cocktails this Halloween, we struggled to decide which of the four to try.

“Drop Dead Gorgeous” was the first pick; being a sweet passionfruit drink, I was bound to enjoy it. Probably one of the least exciting in terms of presentation, but we did spend a few minutes trying to figure out how it was changing colour before realising it was a flashing ice cube.

Was it basically just a passionfruit martini? Yeah, but it was still enjoyable.

The other drink we tried was “Bat Bitch Energy”.  Aside from the name that made me cringe while ordering it, it was a cute little drink. They definitely could have done more than just putting a little name tag on it, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t take it home to stick on my wall.

If you like a mojito, you’ll like this drink because that’s basically what it was. Sweeter than your classic mojito, but it still has that sharp edge to it.

Overall, Be At One is a good option if you want something familiar with a slight twist but even with a student discount, that price was not kind to us. Though if you’re anything like Louie you can just try flirting with the bartender for free drinks…


This year Craft is offering up three Halloween cocktails and with their two for one deal, I have to say they’re probably the best value for money.

For the life of me, I don’t know why I didn’t order the “Te-Killer Sunrise” because that is arguably the best named drink we came across all night. Instead, I got the “Creepy Cosmo” which was, again, a little lacklustre in terms of presentation but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a sucker for a fruity little drink.

The other cocktail we tried was the “Boo Woo” which was arguably the least favourite. Despite having peach and cranberry mixed with it, the pineapple was incredibly overpowering. Since we only paid for the price of one I didn’t feel quite so bad about leaving that one.

If you’re not a fan of tasting the alcohol in your drinks, these would probably be a good option for you.


Do they ever disappoint? Carousel is kind of known for their cool cocktails and I think they pulled through on this for Halloween. Not only were they the best presented, they also had the taste.

“Mummies don’t bleed” was absolutely my favourite of all the drinks we had. The sweet mix of vanilla and sherbet was definitely unique, even if that first sip had a bit of a kick to it. It was more or less an alcoholic milkshake, which sounds gross in theory but in practice it’s a 10/10.

Maybe I was more easily impressed after the lack of effort in presentation at the other two bars, but these were without a doubt the most interesting cocktails to look at. Gotta get those aesthetic pics in for Instagram.

The other cocktail was called “Bombastic Side Eye”… I think the people who name these things need an intervention.

Despite that tragic name, it was also a crowd-pleaser in terms of taste. A lot stronger than the other but still on the sweet side with the same hint of passionfruit that you can’t go wrong with a cocktail. I do regret to inform you that we didn’t test whether the eyeball decoration was edible or not.

I definitely would have gone for round two here, and will probably be going back to try the “Fangtastic Fizz” cocktail which they, unfortunately, couldn’t serve when we went.

You can never really go wrong with Carousel and I’d say it was the best of the three.

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