Here’s our guide to the best places to have pres in Lincoln

I’m not a mixologist but normalise Appletinis at pre’s

Release your tin foil hat because no, your mates flat who has a DJ deck is not the best place to have pre’s in Lincoln. With an array of watering holes and student bars, there shouldn’t be a need to lock yourself in a rugby boy’s living room as he tries to persuade you that they definitely don’t have an after-game makeout session. A study found that people living in Lincolnshire were the least interesting to chat to in all of the UK so, like the business man who had the dream to dance, we’re looking at best places to have pre drinks in Lincoln to prove we are not boring. Bring out the Capri Suns.

St. Marks

Probably the boujiest of student accommodation here in Lincoln, stepping into a flat at St. Marks is like being born into aristocracy. The day of reckoning will come and the class divide of student halls will be teared down but until then, if you have an island in your kitchen please stop pretending to look at the Morrisons reduced section. Even the lighting has a certain “have you heard of Surrey?” undertone. Nonetheless, getting sloshed in a literal penthouse is always a great way to start the night. Don’t worry about size, your bachelor pad is still great. Was that an AGA cooker?

Castle Quarters

If again you’re from St. Marks and “money isn’t everything”, Castle Quarters is always great for a pint and a laugh with your mates. Added the Halloween decorations that are starting to be seen around the place makes Castle Quarters seasonally appropriate. The gargoyles add to the melancholy of the shapes you’re about to make in the club later anyway. Plenty of pubs like Prince of Wales and Lion & Snake have a great array of pints to choose from and usually have a better view than your mates chunder chart.

Magna Carta

After searching around Castle Quarters you can stumble into Magna Carta and have a distinguished pres. Albeit a good rotation of Ales (god I sound old), coming here will put a dent in daddy’s Amex card. Yes I’m looking at you St. Marks because that class divide will shatter. Open mic night every Sunday at Magna Carta brings a special geezer vibe that you can carry out into your night clubbing with students. With a great look onto the Cathedral itself and plenty of stairs to fall down, not that I’d know, give this one a go if you’re feeling traditional. Be careful for ghostly apparitions though, as tour guides for Lincolns’ ghost walk can be seen, so maybe stay away from that after a couple pints. Nonetheless hard to get up Steep Hill, it might be a little harder to get back down after stopping here.

The Atmosphere

Speaking of open mic nights. Home to the, I would say, greatest karaoke bar in Lincoln is “The Atmosphere”. Elvis has entered the building. Tucked away in the High Street makes a quick stop off here after your spoons check in. Ready to warm up those vocal cords because the air in that room makes you rate yourself as a bit of a Pavarotti. No more awkward asking for your mates mixer because you didn’t bring enough, get to the bar and grab a microphone. You’ll be the BNOC in no time here.


You’ll meet someone who posts inspirational quotes on Facebook non-ironically. And watches The Kardashians non-ironically. In fact, irony as a concept as lost on them as not going here for pre drinks. With plenty of societies to bump into, we love you Kinball society, makes this place perfect to mingle with students. In the heart of campus, try not to think of that essay due, instead how well you can get through as many cheap pints as you can. Live, Laugh, Swan.


Making your way down of course. Ritz if you’re wanting classy pre’s (hahaha) or Square Sail if you’re feeling a bit more daring. I’m sure the flat you go to would make you a lovely chicken vindaloo, but chef Mike from Spoons knows how to press the right buttons on the microwave. Say otherwise, you’re wrong and a freak. The Skint Eastwood of the group is always going to say here so might as well just give into it. Cheap drinks and good times makes Wetherspoons a no brainer for actual pre drinks for the night. Not that I have a thing against drinks at your mates flat of course though.

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