From the swamp to Springfield: Here are our favourite 2023 YOLOween outfits

Y Plas definitely had some interesting visitors this year

YOLO is well known for its spectacular outfits, week after week societies up the ante with inventive ways to dress their members and YOLOween is no exception.

Whilst there were a vast array of awesome outfits this YOLOween we have selected our favourites from the night. From Marge Simpson to Shrek, there really was no holding back this year.

Let’s just say it takes a fair few VKs at the SU to rock some of these fits with confidence.

Playboy Bunnies

Hugh Hefner let his bunnies out to play this YOLOween, and we think these guys gave us a perfect taste of the Playboy Mansion.

We also really admired the attention to detail with the matching bow ties.


The hockey societies went all out this year, but our favourite hockey fit has to be the Shreks.

Cathays is known for having some interesting wildlife but you never expect to round the corner to a herd of Shreks. The beloved ogres left their cosy swamps and took the SU by storm, something we’d say they we they pulled off extraordinarily.

Barbie and Ken

It would not have been a 2023 YOLOween without the iconic Barbie and Ken, and these two made sure they were 100 per cent Kenough to pull off this dynamic duo.

There were a fair few Barbie and Kens roaming the SU but this pair went all out in the now infamous cowgirl and cowboy get up.

Toy Stories Aliens

It’s a challenge to make being an alien look cute, but theses girls pulled off our childhood faves brilliantly. Some solid coordination efforts from these architecture girlies so we had to add them to our favourites from the night.

Marge Simpson

We have to award the fit of the night to Marge Simpson.

You have to admire the dedication to go full body paint, even wearing her signature pearls. However, its got to be the hair that won this outfit for us, encapsulating Marge’s blue curly locks perfectly, a solid effort.

And hey, who knew that even the Simpsons are such a fan of VKs?

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