Clubbers of the week: Bring a flat mate, it’s week eight

The good, the bad, and the ugly (dance moves)

November has started to kick into gear and the autumnal weather isn’t stopping you all from having a couple of drinks out on the town. The vibes are plenty and you definitely have not disappointed, but the shapes being pulled on the dance floor maybe not. Don’t look back in angeeeeerrrr though because we’re here to reminisce this past week so, with entries from multiple clubs as always, roll. on. that. weekend!

Album of the week

The sly dog

Runners up

Most expensive selfie

Me to my weather app in the club. Both groups

Hero/Heroine of the week

Queen Britney Spears spotting her father vibes

Runners up

Hero at the bottom with sugar mummy problems

Double parked orange VKs and chatting up a girl in the back

It’s the time for Steins

Creeper of the week

Exam season creeping up to you being like

Runners up

Its bed time! more like

Breathing in the view

This fella doesn’t want the heat I’ll tell you now

WTF of the week

No time to stop and smell the roses for this fella

Runners up

Which arm is going where?

What they meant when they said Pelvis Presley

Jason Schwartzman in the club

Bring your mum to club day

Cheeky itch

Quaint trample in Home

Side eye of the week


Runners up

When my tutor asks about attendance

More sleepy really

What do you reckon happened

Stunner of the week

The light is a paid actor

Runners up

It’s a close second

Me cramming 8 months of uni work into 4 hours

This was right after she gave me a fake number as well. I’m calling this out to everyone

If optional attendance was a person. Stunner nonetheless

Photo credits: Patrick Axe @ Axholme Media Productions

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