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How to deal with your Edinburgh Uni lecture crush

Stop being an anonymous Edi student on Match Making Monday – your time is now

Regardless of who you are, what you study, what year you’re in, or even your current relationship status, you definitely have (or have had) a lecture crush. If you genuinely believe you’re the exception to this rule, you’re either in denial or even better: You are the lecture crush.

Remember: It’s not that deep

First, let’s talk about love. Love is always the answer to every question, the reason behind every decision. Why do we exist? How does Uplands Roast make their delicious hot chocolates? The answer is always love.

Now, I am not here to judge. I like to think of myself as someone open-minded and accepting of many “loves”, even when it comes to something as outrageous as Crocs. I am also guilty of unacceptable ones, such as my love for plastic straws. This whole digression on love (and the huge risk that Greta Thunberg will come after me following my confession) hopefully puts your little crush into perspective. Don’t overthink, it’s just a crush and it’s meant to be fun, not soul destroying.

Dress to impress

Lecture crushes can push people in wonderful directions – to morning showers, perfumes, aftershave, toothpaste (chewing gum for the lazy) and of course, your dress sense. I have this picture in my head of hundreds of wardrobes around Edinburgh being emptied with despair before that special lecture. Obviously, not everyone out there glowing in a great outfit is purposefully trying to impress someone but wearing your best outfit will make you feel more confident around said lecture crush.

Remember that your uni life is too short not to take risks

Unlike love, lecture crushes have no long-lasting pain after rejection. It can sting but you’ll move on much more quickly. So, they’re the perfect ground for you to shoot your shot and put yourself out there. Life is too short to follow the example of those boring poets who were happy to admire their muse from a distance. Unfortunately, no outfit nor beauty is powerful enough to inspire the writing of your essay.

Do you fear being laughed at? Do you fear dating someone in your course because if it ends, you would have to see them over and over again? My take on these scenarios is: What if it works out? Why focus on the end, the risks, instead of looking at the potential success?

When you’re off to Cowgate, who knows where you’ll end up? Look at the benefits, the full cup of Uplands Roast hot chocolate, the potential bedtime story to tell your future children. If you’re superstitious, just pay a visit to Greyfriars Bobby. It’s also the perfect prep for approaching your crush: Queuing with tourists will consume all your patience and sense of shame.

Been there done that, you will be fine!

A lot of guides out there give out advice with no real life experience behind them. Did those people advising students on how to write essays ever try to type one hungover in a freezing house, the morning it is due? I doubt that. I am qualified as I have indeed dealt with my lecture crush. To give some context, my heart was already broken from the end of a situationship, leaving it as hopeless and empty as the main lib cafe on a Sunday morning. Yet, my lecture crush, without a medical degree, revived my heart.

Just ask them a question

After all, isn’t that the point of going to lectures? Being a little creepy when approaching a stranger is the small price to pay for significantly boosting your confidence. But if there is purpose, you will be safeguarded. You can ask them a question about the lecture, their outfit or even their water bottle. I will not disclose publicly how my lecture crush story ends, but what I learned is that I can pretty much do anything after attempting that.