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The definitive Durham bucket list every student must complete before graduation

Because we all know that uni is about the experience, not the degree

Trust me when I say that your time at uni will go by way too quickly. What’s more, they say that your uni days are the best of your life, so you better make the most of them! Here is a non-negotiable list of 10 things every Durham student absolutely must do before they graduate!

If you didn’t complete the list – did you even go here?

1. Be a frep

Truly the quintessential Durham experience, you have to do it at least once just to say that you’ve been there, done that, got the t-shirt (literally). It’s the time to truly back your college and let the silly fresh know that they have chosen the best one. However, the experience does come with a few warnings: Obscenely early mornings, carrying heavy suitcases up many flights of stairs, and dealing with a lot of very drunk freshers…

2. Complete a full college bar crawl

Not many Durham students can say that they’ve successfully visited every one of the 17 college bars in one night. It takes strategy, stamina and determination. You can get a head start on the strategy part here. Although, the biggest reason why most people haven’t completed it is because they can’t be bothered to trek all the way to Ustinov or Hild Bede – which is fair enough to be honest.

3. Go to the beach

If you didn’t know, County Durham has some pretty stunning beaches. It only takes about an hour to get to Seaham Beach from Durham city centre on the bus and it’s defo well worth it! It’s got everything you need for a classic British day at the beach: Amusement arcades, fish & chips and pesky seagulls.

4. Sunrise at observatory hill

There are two groups of people who watch the sunrise here. 1. Those who intended to go and have probably incorporated it into a morning run before their training for a DU sport. 2. Those who end up here after a wild night at Jimmy’s before going home. However you get there, you’ll see it’s a sexy view which you absolutely cannot miss.

5. Go to a ball

I’m not necessarily saying that the best thing to do in Durham is to leave, but there are some great places nearby if you want to. Newcastle, York and Edinburgh are all definitely must visit destinations and so easy to get to on the train. If you’re feeling particularly crazy, why not book some spontaneous flights from Newcastle airport – who knows where you’ll end up? Estonia? Morocco? Trinidad and Tobago? Check the list here to get some real bang for your buck.

7. Attend a lecture

Just go to one. You might get something out of it. Maybe.

8. Taylor Swift boat party

This is another Durham classic. There’s nothing like screaming the lyrics to Style (Taylor’s Version) on a boat with your friends while cruising down the river Wear with a bottle of vino in hand. Note: Wait for the one in the summer because the one in November is far too freezing to cope.

9. Go for brunch

There’s one thing that Durham wins first prize in, and that its delicious brunch options. There’s Flat White, Riverview, Cafedral, Chapters, Whitechurch, Treats….the list is literally endless. Embrace the brunch crowd and drain that maintenance loan pancake by pancake.

10. Do an all-nighter in the Billy B

Deadlines always catch up to you when you’re just trying to live your best Durham life and as a result extreme measures have to be called in. The Billy B all-nighter is not for the weak but very much for the desperate. The only way to get through is to order Paddy’s delivery at 3am. I don’t make the rules.

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