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Clubbers of the week: It’s week 10 and we’re bankrupt again

Tab editor feature fresh off the press…

If Keller’s walls could talk, it would probably go into a monastic silence from the horrors of some of these pictures. Kicking week 10 into gear shows Lincoln and its club goers making the most of this weeks events. Whether or not you can remember it however, maybe spend more time studying dance videos, and less time in pre’s. Nonetheless once again has not disappointed so with entries from multiple clubs as always. ROLL ON THE WEEKEND!!

Album of the week


Runners up

Music isn’t niche enough for him

Let’s call it a night mate

Spot the News Editor

Hero/Heroine of the week

Smiling through the pain (of getting that out of the wash)

Runners up

“Is this guy bothering you”

Hero for when big dirty stinking base just isn’t hitting like it use to

Creeper of the week

I just diiieeeddd in your arms toniiigghhtttt

Runners up

Team Creeper!

He has plans we aren’t ready for

WTF of the week

I thought it went around your ankle, to be honest

Runners up

Lincoln Autumnal collection

Stunners of the week         

Runners up

Me when you say you’re not a stunner

Bully had to make a stunner of the week here

Photo credits: Patrick Axe @ Axholme Media Productions

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