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Sammy Root hints he’s ready for a new relationship after not talking to Jess since split

The Love Island winner admitted he’s been having ‘too much fun’

Love Island 2023 winner Sammy Root has dropped hints that he might ready for a new girlfriend after his split with ex and fellow Love Island 2023 winner, Jess Harding.

The pair split just two months after winning Love Island and bagging the £50,000 prize, landing themselves as the third shortest winning relationship in Love Island history.

But after admitting to OK! that he hasn’t spoken to Jess since their split, Sammy suggested that he may now be ready to move on in a new relationship.

Being particularly vague about whether he’s back in the dating game, Sammy spoke of all the fun he’s had since his split from Jess, describing the time as a “whirlwind”.

He said: “It’s been a whirlwind of a few months. I’ve maybe been having too much fun.”

Speaking about how he’s determined to stay positive after the break up and make the most of the opportunities available to him after Love Island, Sammy said: “I wouldn’t say I’m back in the dating game, but I never let myself get bogged down by things. I’d be so silly to not take this opportunity of a lifetime seriously, so I am just focusing on me right now. That’s my priority.”

So it seems like the Love Island winner isn’t too down about his split from Jess, despite them sharing what Sammy described as “the most incredible experience” together when they won the 10th season of the show.

He also added that despite seeing a future with Jess, the pair split amicably and there’s no bad blood between the two.

love island sammy girlfriend

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News of the couple’s split broke back in October, after rumours of their relationship being on the rocks. Jess’ confirmation that the relationship was over came while she was partying in Ibiza with friends, after news of the break up had leaked at home in the UK.

Speaking to her followers back in October, Jess said: “It’s been over a week now since we split so I’m getting there. We shared a once in a lifetime experience together so of course I’m sad.”

Sammy responded at the time with a statement he posted online, where he told fans he had in fact wanted to meet with Jess in person to discuss their relationship before they ended things.

“I thought I would come online to address today’s news about me and Jess. Yes we had a private conversation regarding our relationship but this was left up in the air as Jess is still away and we haven’t had a chance to speak in person. To be totally clear – I at least wanted a face to face conversation to see if our relationship could be saved and felt this would be the respectful way forward.

“We had the most incredible experience winning Love Island and I genuinely saw a future with Jess. I was committed and respectful of our relationship. Unfortunately things don’t always work out the way you’d hoped. Despite how this has all played out today. I think Jess is an amazing woman and genuinely wish her all the best.

But despite the recent heartache, Love Island winner Sammy seems to be living his best life and while there’s no clues to a new girl just yet, it’s only a matter of time.

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