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Ranked: The Made in Chelsea stars charging the most for a video on Cameo

I’d pay money not to get one from Sam Prince tbh

Whilst most of the Made in Chelsea cast are already ludicrously rich, that’s not going to stop them from charging an insane amount for a Cameo video.

Whether you want a video from Sam Prince to send to your mortal enemy or a happy birthday message from Tiffany Watson, here are the Made in Chelsea stars charging the most for a video of them on Cameo.

9. Cheska Hull – £19

You can’t call yourself a Made in Chelsea fan if you don’t know who Cheska is, although given that she’s only charging £19 for a Cameo she might be expecting that. Cheska was on the original series of the reality show and left in 2014.

8. Rosie Fortescue – £27

Rosie Fortescue is another Made in Chelsea original cast member, having joined the show when it first started in 2011. She currently charges £27 for a video on Cameo but only has three reviews with a rather bad 3.27 star rating. Better stick to the day job.

7. Will Higginson – £27

If you’ve forgotten who Will is, he appeared on Made in Chelsea three years ago and dated both Sophie Hermann and Liv Bentley, but if you want to see him on your screen again it’s just £27 for a Cameo from him.

6. Sam Prince – £30

Haven’t we had enough of Sam Prince? Even the reviews on Cameo think so, with a low three star score and only three videos. If you’re looking to get your mortal enemy a gift, this is a good bet.

5. Julius Cowdrey – £35

Julius from Made in Chelsea has turned into a life coach, so maybe book a Cameo with him if you’re into that stuff. To be fair, he has over 57 reviews and a five-star rating so he’s obviously doing something right!

4. Angus Findlay – £35

Angus was just 20 when he appeared on the reality TV show and given that I had to google who he was to remind myself, didn’t make much of an impression. He’s only just joined Cameo, so doesn’t have any reviews yet.

3. Miles Nazaire – £39

We’ve broken into the top three, although both Tristan and Miles charge the same amount for their videos. Miles has a 4.90 rating with over 55 reviews, very impressive!

2. Tristan Phipps – £39

On the other hand, Tristan has just seven reviews but he does have a five-star rating for his £39 Cameo.

1. Tiffany Watson – £54

And coming in at number one on Cameo is the queen of Made in Chelsea herself, Tiffany Watson. She charges £54 for a video of her and has a five-star rating.

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