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Everything that should be on your Liverpool snow day checklist

Slipping over whilst walking to uni? Check

You’ve probably noticed that it has snowed in Liverpool today, unless you don’t own a phone or a window. Whilst it’s a month too late to get us in the festive mood, and snow days aren’t quite as fun when you still have to go to uni, it’s still a cause to get your gloves and scarves on and have a house bonding day. Here are our favourite things to do on a snow day in Liverpool:

1. Sefton Park walk

The obvious choice. Sefton Park is a great choice for a walk any day, but the snow makes it extra special. You also get to see dogs wearing coats. Wrap up, drag the lazy housemate out of bed and get some fresh air on a (winter) hot girl walk.

2. Snowball fight

A natural progression from the walk. Get out some pent-up anger from January assignments and exams by pelting snowballs at your mates. This one may end in an argument though, so be careful – best to balance it out with…

3. Snowman making

The best way to repair your friendship after nearly blinding them with a snowball. There’s already a couple about campus (check out an impressive snowman in Abercromby Square) – find them before they are inevitably destroyed by someone after finishing a 24 hour exam in SJ library.

4. Hot chocolate duvet day

Look, whilst it seems great to go out in the snow, we won’t judge you for hating it. It’s cold and wet, which isn’t ideal when you’re living in a student house. Treat yourself to a hot chocolate and film day (or revision – sorry) and enjoy the snow from your window instead.

5. Get drunk

Is hot chocolate not cutting it? We’re over the halfway mark for Dry Jan, so why not reward all your hard work with a glass (or bottle) of wine? You’ve done well to get this far, but the snow calls for it. Or, be one of the bold few to brave a night out in the snow. Keep watch of your mates as someone is bound to break an ankle whilst a few double vodkas down on Seel Street.

Whilst it’s great for a day or two, let’s pray it isn’t long before we’re all complaining about the heat instead.

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