Clubbers of the Week: Week 17 is for dancing machines

The rhymes are getting harder now …

Perhaps the budget for the last Clubbers of the Week seemed greater than usual, perhaps I am just a terrible writer. Taking back the reigns for this Clubbers of the Week though, we delve into the mishaps and misfortunes of this past weekend in Lincoln. Exam week, Shlam week, this time of year makes no difference to how well you all are at falling down the stairs in Mailbox, so with multiple entries from clubs as always. Let’s roll on with the weekend!

Album of the week

Picture taken after various fruity dares in the shower

Runners up

Bum shuffle two step

Hero/Heroine of the week

Quadrupled his quality of life

Runners up

The most employed man from Monks Road

Creeper of the week

“I now sentence you to spend more than five minutes in Pavs”

Runners up

Raaaahhhhhh k and roll

Prime bottom floor scenes

WTF of the week

The Unicef gear special

Runners up

Treble sunnies in the club

Stunner of the week

Steaming off Strawberry Moscow Mules

Runners up

People from Lincoln Courts when they see used elf bars on the floor

Photo credits: Patrick Axe @ Axholme Media Productions

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