Saltburn to skinny scarves: Uni micro-trends you’ll definitely see in 2024

Are you even a student if you didn’t get one of these for Christmas?

Returning to uni for the new year means spotting what’s in and what’s out for 2024. Will Ultra Mini Uggs be sticking around this year? Or maybe we’ll be seeing another year of cargos and wide leg trousers. Who knows? What’s guaranteed is that Liverpool students will be the first to know. We’ve rounded up our favourite fashion trends that we’ve spotted around campus – here’s a look at the micro trends you’ll definitely see at uni and around Liverpool in 2024.


Adidas sambas became popular over the summer and we’re predicting there was a pair on a lot of people’s Christmas lists. Whether it’s the classic black and white or maybe some pops of red, pink, blue and orange, we think these will be a go-to choice on campus this semester.

Skinny scarves

A true uni girl staple, adding some colour and a very small amount of warmth to everyone’s wardrobes. If you’ve been to the student races you know how popular these are. With the unpredictable heating in the Sydney Jones library, these might not be the most practical choice. Warning: Prepare yourself for the unfunny jokes if you wear one around your family, but we reckon we will be seeing a lot more of these this term.

Arcteryx hats

Another one we have noticed as a big trend in the library after the Christmas break is the Arcteryx hat. Mainly concentrated in the Sydney Jones smoking area, this seems to be the new part of any well respected gorpcore wardrobe. Once you have noticed this one you will not stop seeing them all over.

Saltburn core

Not necessarily a Christmas gift, but Saltburn being a hot topic has inspired all things 2000s, whether it was Jacob Elordi, Farleigh’s amazing karaoke, or the return of indie sleaze that caught your attention. We are predicting messy makeup, eyebrow piercings, bleach blondes and “it’s like eh black tie” for dinner. Whilst we love this trend, be warned that impersonating Claudia Winkleman’s makeup is not the goal.

Frilly scrunchies

Frilly scrunchies

Running trainers

If you have been on TikTok lately you know running is in for 2024. Hopefully the snow last week didn’t set you too far behind on your 10km training plan, otherwise, your Christmas present running shoes will have been a bit of a waste. We’ll be impressed if you break the trend cycle on this one and actually stick to this though.

New gym sets

Lots of us had a new gym set on our Christmas list and they are certainly being shown off in the gym this January. We especially love the long sleeve zip-ups embodying the Range Rover mum fantasy. Don’t despair though – everyone will return to mismatched gym kits in a few months.


Everyone wants to be coquette and we are predicting bows all over campus. ASOS got a hold of the trend and now we are thinking bows on anything you can think of – even vapes and boyfriends if you listen to Tiktok. We love this trend and can’t wait to see how far it will spread this semester.

So whether you’re sporting new Sambas, taking up running, or repping the skinny scarves – we LOVE to see it. We hope they survive to 2025.

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