Here are the eight best places to hide from your ex on Exeter University’s campus

Nothing is worse than bumping into the one person you REALLY didn’t want to see

It’s understandable – we’ve ALL got someone on campus that we’re trying to hide from. More often than not, it’s your ex. Maybe things ended badly, or they saw you with someone else at TP (it’s a small place, people) or, maybe making small talk at 10am after dragging yourself out of bed for a lecture just isn’t your thing. Whatever the reason, we’re not here to judge. Instead, here are eight of the best campus spots to hide from your ex. If, however, you’ve fallen victim to flatcest gone (inevitably) wrong and can’t seem to avoid your ex when you share the same kitchen, we can’t help you. I hate to say it, but you really did bring this one on yourself.

1. The library

There is just NO way that your ex is going to find you in the library unless they really are that committed to hunting you down – at which point you should probably get a restraining order rather than looking to this article for advice. With three floors and about 900 different stairwells, the chances of you bumping into your ex in the library is slim; it’s like playing a game of Labyrinth in real life! Maybe try hiding out in the silent study area and if your ex somehow manages to find you, you can simply say “shhh” and that’s the end of any conversation.

2. The gym in January

Now this one might seem illogical because everyone knows that the sports park in January is PACKED full of students trying to become the “best version” of themselves but that’s exactly what makes the gym a great place to hide. Good luck to your ex if they try to find you amongst hundreds of girls wearing identical Lululemon leggings and Nike socks. Get on that treadmill and with a good view of the carpark, you’ll know to leave before your ex-situationship even enters the building. Besides, nobody will be able to tell if it’s sweat or tears whilst you’re sobbing your way through a post-heartbreak run.

3. The Queen’s Building

NOTHING comes between students and a bargain and this could not be more apparent than in the length of the £2 meal deal queue. People will queue for what genuinely feels like hours and the whole of Devonshire House will be swamped by a line of money savvy students. Now, this is your perfect place to hide. If the sheer volume of people isn’t enough to hide away from an ex, the accusatory glares from people who think you’re pushing in should be enough to mean that your ex won’t linger around the line long enough to spot you. Once you’ve successfully avoided them, treat yourself to the garlic bread that means your £2 meal isn’t actually £2 anymore – you deserve it x

5. East Park hill

Now, if your ex lived in East Park in their first year, they’ll probably know about this spot. For everyone else, take your best friend and some drinks and go and watch the sunset on the hill at the back of East Park. You do have to dodge some spiky branches and avoid a few mini swamps but this only makes it a better hiding spot. If the sunset and Pimm’s can’t mend a broken heart, then I don’t know what will – at least you’ll have hidden from your ex for a few hours.

6. Old Laf

If your ex is a rugby player then you’re in luck, Old Laf is your best hiding place. While you’re hiding out in some kitchen, your ex won’t even be able to fit down the corridor without getting their shoulders wedged between the two walls. Feel free to use their only good feature against them, it really is survival of the exes out here!

7. The Loft

This study spot is less known about than Devonshire House or the library, making it a perfectly good place to hide. They even have those cool little pod chairs that mean you won’t be spotted whilst working on an essay which you’ve already used your 72 hour extension for. Let’s be honest, though your ex probably isn’t going to be found at a study spot, you were always SO much more hardworking than them anyway (no – you totally didn’t sleep through all your morning lectures in their bed).

8. Anywhere in the last week of term