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Everything Russell Brand’s done since the allegations made against him last year

Yesterday he commented on the allegations in an interview for the first time

Following allegations of rape, sexual assault and emotional abuse last year, comedian Russell Brand was dropped from a number of connections made during his career. The joint investigation with Channel 4’s Dispatches, The Times and The Sunday Times saw accusations from four women of rape, sexual assault and emotional abuse which were made public at the time.

Following this, the comedian addressed the news story in a video uploaded to his YouTube account, where he denied all accusations, but otherwise remained silent – until yesterday. After having his YouTube channel demonitized for “violating” its creator responsibility policy, Brand has continued to upload videos to the platform for his 6.74 million YouTube subscribers. Despite him no longer being in mainstream news, he has actually been pretty active on social media so here’s a look at what Russell Brand has been doing since the allegations made against him last year.

Russell Brand commented on the allegations in a public interview

Although not the first time he’s spoken about the allegations, Brand was interviewed publicly for the first time since the investigation began. Speaking with former Fox News host Tucker Carlson, Russell was asked about the the impact of the allegations, to which he replied that they were “very, very hurtful”.

The comedian and activist also said: “I’m aware that I put myself in an extremely vulnerable position by being very, very promiscuous, [but] that is not the type of conduct I endorse, and it’s certainly not how I would live now.

“Of course, I deny any allegations of the kind that have been advanced – and what I have seen is the significance of family and the importance of beliefs that are transcendent of this.”

He’s become an advocate for spirituality and meditation

Posting on Instagram, Brand spoke about divination, healing and inward wisdom and what meditation means to him. In line with his reputation for challenging media narratives, he also added how he thought that “the spiritual life is perhaps about allowing the divination and definition of who we become to be achieved in accordance with inward wisdom and inward awakening not external direction.”

Brand has continued podcasting and uploading videos to his YouTube channel

Although he’s been demonitized, Russell Brand has continued to upload videos of himself challenging media outlets and news stories to his YouTube channel. As well as discussing US politics, the comedian has recently spoken about Covid-19, Elon Musk and UFOs and has continued to create episodes of his podcast, Stay Free.

He’s been practicing Ju Jitsu

Despite the allegations against him, Russell Brand has continued to share updates online with his followers, including his Brazilian Jiu Jitsu training progress. In a makeshift gym, he’s shared videos and photos of himself and coach Chris Cleere wrestling with each other.

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