Six ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day if you’re single in Bournemouth

Who needs a partner when you’ve got this lineup?

As a hopeless romantic, I’ve always had a soft spot for Valentine’s Day. The idea of celebrating love in all its forms, surrounded by heart shaped chocolates, roses, and all things cute, fills me with joy. Despite my love for love, I understand that Valentine’s Day can be a bittersweet experience for those who find themselves single on this day.

While it’s wonderful to witness couples professing their love, it can also magnify feelings of loneliness and longing for a romantic connection. However, there are plenty of ways to embrace the spirit of Valentine’s Day and celebrate love in its various forms, even if you’re flying solo in Bournemouth.

1. Treat Yourself to a spa day

Take this opportunity to pamper yourself and indulge in some much-needed self-care. Book a luxurious spa day at one of Bournemouth’s many spa resorts and indulge in relaxing massages, facials, and sauna sessions. Treat yourself like royalty and revel in the blissful serenity of being completely at ease in your own company.

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2. Have a Galentine’s Day celebration

Who says Valentine’s Day is just for couples? Gather your closest friends and celebrate the special bond you share with a fun-filled Galentine’s Day celebration. Organise a brunch, movie night, or a girls’ night out on the town. Surround yourself with the love and support of your friends, and celebrate the joy of platonic connections.

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3. Volunteer for a cause you care about

Spread love and kindness in your community by volunteering for a cause close to your heart. Consider spending your Valentine’s Day at the Margaret Green Animal Rescue Centre, where you can help care for adorable animals awaiting their forever homes, walking dogs, cuddling cats, and providing much-needed love and attention. Alternatively, you could volunteer at the Bournemouth Foodbank, sorting and distributing food to individuals and families facing food insecurity, spreading love and compassion to those who may be experiencing hardship, reminding them that they are valued and cared for.

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4. Take yourself on a date

Who says you need a partner to enjoy a romantic dinner? Treat yourself to a solo date at one of Bournemouth’s charming restaurants. Dress up, savour a delicious meal, and enjoy your own company. Take this opportunity to reflect on self-love and appreciate the unique individual that you are.

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5. Enjoy a romcom movie marathon

Cuddle up on the couch with a cozy blanket and indulge in a romantic comedy movie marathon. Laugh, cry, and swoon over your favourite on-screen love stories as you immerse yourself in the world of cinematic romance. Whether you’re into classics like When Harry Met Sally and Notting Hill or newer hits like To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before and Crazy Rich Asians, there’s a romcom for every taste.

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6. Host a Valentine’s Day themed party

Throw your own Valentine’s Day bash and invite your single friends for a night of laughter, games, and festivities. Decorate your space with heart-shaped balloons and romantic decorations, whip up some delicious treats, and dance the night away to your favourite tunes. Who needs a significant other when you have an amazing group of friends to celebrate with?

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