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Bored of walking around Kelvingrove? Try these Glasgow spots that have been in the movies

No guarantee you’ll bump into Robert Pattinson, however

This guide combines walking with cinema, revealing a route which hits all the best spots in Glasgow that have been used for filming your favourite TV shows and movies. From Brad Pitt to Harrison Ford, your hot girl walks just got that much hotter – even if you do opt to take the Subway back.

Forced yourself up and into the February winds on a hot girl walk but would much rather be in bed watching a movie with a cup of tea? You’re not alone! Keep reading for the ultimate hot girl walking route.

1. University of Glasgow

Starting classic where we know and love, the main Glasgow University building and iconic cloisters are seen in both The Outlaw King and Outlander, so you can feel truly connected to Scottish history and the heritage of the buildings around you.

Look around the cloisters and the quadrants to see where Jamie (yum) from Outlander galivanted, and where archery took place (albeit by the English in the movie). However, be sure to avoid any fourth years posing with dissertations – they might ruin the magic slightly.

2. St Vincent Street

Walking from the uni through Kelvingrove Park and Finnieston leads you directly to St Vincent Street, a long street which is great for a direct walk into the city centre – and also for emulating New York City in movies which aren’t committed to trekking over the Atlantic.

Most recently, this street was used widely in Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny – Harrison Ford and crew are seen parading up St Vincent Street as it is transformed into 1960s New York, and now you can do the same route – albeit it may be missing some of the American flags hanging from the windows.

3. City centre

The city centre has been used for filming many movies thanks to its New York-style architecture, wide streets, and easy access. Notably, many of Fast and Furious 6’s chase scenes were filmed there, and World War Z was partly set in George Square.

Although the Low Emission Zone may lower chase-scene potential, the architecture of many of the buildings lining the streets makes for a pretty scenic wander.

4. Glasgow Necropolis and Glasgow Cathedral

The final destination (haha) on this movie-walking tour is the Glasgow Necropolis on the far side of Merchant City. The Batman’s final scene is filmed here, and you can walk through the cemetery the same route as Robert Pattinson whizzed on his Batmobile.

The beautiful Glasgow Cathedral was also used in The Batman, as well as Outlander – a wander through the Cathedral is the perfect cosy end to a very hot girl winter walk.

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