10 places for solo dates in Glasgow so you can avoid the Valentine’s Day blues

Instead of sitting in bed alone, scrolling through an endless feed of loved up couples on dinner dates, why not take yourself on a solo date?

Let’s be real. Valentine’s is a day all about consumerism, designed to make couples spend money, and the rest of us feel bad about our dating lives. (Yes I’ve been single for a while… what about it?) However, it can also be an excuse and an opportunity to give ourselves a bit of extra love (or retail therapy), under the guise of self-care.

The concept of the solo date is simple: Take yourself on a date. For the more extroverted and social among us, this is often easier said than done. The biggest hurdle to overcome on a solo date is being able to enjoy your own company, and if you’re not used to doing things alone, then it is undoubtedly going to be uncomfortable at first. If you can push through, you will come to love spending time with yourself, giving you more freedom, and less FOMO…

1. Wander Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum

Situated only a five minute walk away from the main campus, Kelvingrove is a perfect solo date for those interested in history or art. Open daily from 11am until 5pm, Kelvingrove boasts 22 galleries including an incredible art exhibition featuring the work of the infamous Glasgow Boys and a collection of Scottish Wildlife. It’s free entry (no need to break the bank) with a nice café, gifts hop and daily organ recitals from 1pm until 1:30pm. Grab your best dark academia outfit and some headphones and enjoy an afternoon exploring the exhibitions at your leisure (without an insufferable date rushing you along)!

2. Treat yourself at Plant Blonde

Located only a t10 minute walk from campus is my all time favourite coffee and cake spot, Plant Blonde. Famous for their incredible flavoured empire biscuits, ranging from Biscoff to lemon drizzle, Plant Blonde is a 100 per cent plant based bakery in Partick serving up the most delicious buns, brownies, biscuits, sandwiches, coffees and cakes in the area (or all of Glasgow I would argue). And they offer a student discount with a valid Student ID! What better solo date could there be than treating yourself to a hot drink and a sweet treat.

3. Have a pamper night

Buy into capitalism a bit and have the ultimate self-care evening. Put some clean sheets on your bed and set out your favourite pyjamas. If you have the luxury of a bath, have a good relaxing soak with your favourite music in the background, complete with a bath bomb, face mask or whatever else your heart desires. In the absence of a bath, have the ULTIMATE everything shower, whatever that looks like for you. You could try a homemade hair or face mask, shave, exfoliate, moisturise, paint your nails, light a candle, or whatever makes you feel good! To finish the night, get cosied up in bed with your hot beverage of choice and a good show/movie.

4. Explore the Hidden Lane in Glasgow

Hidden away (as the name suggests) on Argyle Street in Finnieston, is a cultural hub of artists, musicians and independent businesses. Take yourself for a cute afternoon date exploring the variety of things the lane has to offer. It has everything from an award winning tearoom, shops with handcrafted jewellery, stained glass and upholstery, artist’s open studios, a vinyl shop and even the Hidden Lane Gallery, as well as yoga, pottery and guitar classes, a hair salon and a massage clinic. With many of the shops painted in fun, vibrant colours to contrast grey Glasgow, the Hidden Lane is the perfect place for some relaxing retail therapy.

5. Cook yourself a 10/10 meal

Some of the best dates are the simplest, and you really can’t beat the satisfaction of making yourself a good meal. Take the time to choose a recipe you like the look of (that also fits with your cooking capabilities), go out and buy the ingredients, and make yourself a delicious meal. Food prices can be crazy at the moment but don’t be afraid to treat yourself where you can, whether that’s a cheap bottle of wine to go alongside your meal or a cheeky steak as a one-off. Once you’ve acquired your recipe and ingredients, get into your comfiest clothes, put on your favourite music, and get cooking (dancing around the kitchen is strongly encouraged). You don’t have to be Gordon Ramsey to create something tasty, and taking the extra time to make a meal from scratch is so fulfilling.

6. Escape reality with a solo cinema date

The cinema is a perfect solo date option for anyone who wants their solidarity to go unnoticed. Places like Cineworld have showings this week of new releases such as Anyone But You, Bob Marley: One Love and All of Us Strangers, (Paul Mescal give me one chance please), as well as a special anniversary showing of 10 Things I Hate About You. If you’re willing to stretch the budget a bit more, Grosvenor Picture Theatre, situated on Ashton Lane, is also doing a Valentine’s showing of Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Grab some popcorn, forget the deadlines, and allow yourself to lose a few hours in the wonder of film!

7. Show your body some love with a fitness class

Whether you’re extremely sporty or prefer to stick to walking for your regular exercise, there’s no disputing that staying active makes you feel good. One of UofG Sports’ many exercise classes is a great option for a solo date that will get you moving, and also allow you to meet new people. Classes at the Stevenson Building include Revolve Cycling, Yoga, Pilates, Box Fitness and Dancefit. All of the classes are free with a UofG Sports Membership and are bookable through their app. Show yourself some love by getting your body moving, going out of your comfort zone and trying something new!

8. Take advantage of Glasgow’s music scene

For most people, the idea of going to a bar or pub alone is an extremely daunting one, but why should you miss out on Glasgow’s vibrant music scene because you don’t have a date? Get dressed up and take yourself out to see some live music in one of the many brilliant venues around the city. Check out what’s going on at places like King Tut’s, SWG3, and St Lukes, or if you’re looking for a more budget-conscious

date, take yourself along to smaller venues like Bloc+ or Slouch which have live music every night, or maybe check out an up-and-coming artist at Stereo, which also doubles as a tasty vegan restaurant. Let yourself get lost in the music and your favourite bevvy, and don’t be afraid to strike up conversations if you’re feeling social.

9. Get in touch with your creative side

Regardless of your skill level, grab your favourite bottle, put on some old clothes, and get ready to unleash your inner artist. You could check out cool art experiences around Glasgow like Splatter Art Studio Glasgow, where you can have an immersive (and messy) painting experience, or pick up some supplies and have an arty night in, following a Bob Ross tutorial or giving pottery a try.

10. Sports Wednesday…

By some divine intervention, this year’s Valentine’s Day has fallen on a Wednesday. This stroke of luck means that if nothing on this list takes your fancy, and you find yourself bored and lonely this February 14th, you know that the union has your back. HIVE will be waiting for you with open arms, a pint of fun, the possibility to bump into anyone and everyone, and enough drunk sweaty students to remind you why you’re still single…

I hope if you are feeling the blues these solo dates have you feeling better in no time and most importantly just remember how much money you are saving!

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