Here are five Valentine’s date ideas for every type of couple in London

Because you deserve more than just a £2.50 Tesco card

We don’t blame you for forgetting that it’s Valentine’s Day this week. Being on a Wednesday isn’t ideal when you have lectures and mid-terms to balance. Even with time to plan its difficult coming up with a perfect Valentine’s Day plan that feels special enough for the both of you, so any opportunity to save time planning is a bonus.

The TikTok foodie couple

This couple have already tried every London restaurant and food stall hyped up on TikTok. Whether it’s the chocolate-covered strawberries at Borough Market or the notably cheap steak at Flat Iron, if you’ve seen it on TikTok, chances are they’ve already had it.

What about switching things up, reversing the roles and making the food yourself for once? Melt Chocolates is an independent chocolate shop based in Notting Hill that offers a range of chocolate-making classes. I tried their “Bean-to-Bar” workshop and the chocolate tasting that they included was a great bonus.

The couple who secretly hate London

They always have something to complain about. From TFL prices and ridiculously long commutes to tourists and slow-walkers, there’s something about London that just doesn’t sit right with them. They seem to hate everything and everyone and can’t wait to finally leave and live in the countryside. So why not use Valentine’s Day as an excuse to escape?

If there’s one thing London can flex it is that it has pretty good train links so there are a lot of places to choose from but a day trip to Brighton Beach would be a nice escape from the city, especially at about £14 for a return ticket on trainline. You could even pop to the famous Lanes for some vintage shopping.

The athletic couple

They wake up at 6am every day to go to the gym together with their matching water bottles and everyone secretly envies their dedication. There’s a whole range of bouldering places across London, including the London Climbing Centres and Stronghold Climbing across the city and Substation in Brixton. All of these climbing centres cater to all abilities and it would be the perfect Valentine’s date idea for this couple. Substation even have a student discount on Wednesdays.

The artsy couple

If you and your partner are the type of couple who like to paint or visit art galleries together, this one is for you. There are tons of pottery painting places in London and this date idea is a great one as you’ll get something to remember it by! Some places you could try out are Bonbon Pottery or Social Pottery.

The couple who prefer to stay in and watch Romcoms

No, we’re not suggesting you stay in again. Instead, what about immersing yourselves in your favourite romcoms with a walking tour around Notting Hill? You can book one online (or just find the locations on your own) and visit some iconic filming locations from films including Love Actually and Sliding Doors.

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