Here are seven date night ideas to impress your KCL Valentine

Because we all want to get out of the situationship phase

With Valentine’s Day being such an important day for many relationships, its important to make sure the day feels special from start to finish, so here are seven of my finest date night plans. Most of these ideas are cost-friendly, but for those who are somehow dodging the effects of our current recession or have been saving to treat their partner, there are some more luxurious options available too.

1. Be swept off your feet at the Balloon Museum

I’m sure we’ve all been subjected to the cliche balloon gifts on Valentine’s Day, whether that’s gifting them or being gifted them, so why not subvert the normal baloon gift and take your date on a trip to EmotionAir.

With tickets still currently available at £38, you can enjoy a day out that would subvert traditional expectations for a Valentine’s Day date. This setting will differ from bars and restaurants, where the music and crowd are likely to overpower and suppress your ability to actually engage in conversation with your date.

Admire the abstract artwork which would allow you both to release your fun and creative sides. Take a slow stroll around the museum, taking cute pictures with different features of the exhibition such as Michael Picchi’s Playground Love, all whilst learning more about one another. It will feel like a moment plucked directly from a rom-com!


2. Stop and smell the Orchids at Kew Gardens

Following the theme of exhibitions, a cheaper alternative to the Balloon Museum, would be a tour of the Kew Gardens orchid display, which will only set you back £10 as a student.

You can choose the 10am entry ticket, grab your date and a cup of coffee and enjoy a romantic promenade around the gardens. Or you could select the “Orchids After Hours” option and not only take the time to admire the flowers lit up in the dark, but also absorb the vibes of Madagascar with their live performances, cocktails and cuisine, though this is not available on Valentine’s Day there are select dates at the weekend. This is a classy yet original date idea, that will leave your partner weak at the knees.

3. A night in

Set up a romantic and snug spot for you and your date – perhaps, cushions and blankets on the floor, the sofa or your bed, maybe even channel your inner child and make a blanket fort. Decorate the area with fairy lights and candles for the ambience; sprinkle some rose petals; serve up some chocolate-covered strawberries and crack open a cheeky bottle of wine.

You could either order from your favourite restaurant or prepare a meal together. Bring the evening together with a cute film or even play a saucy card game for couples to deepen your connection.

4. Unwind with a spa day

If you are willing to spend a bit more to make this day extra special, consider taking your date on a little spa day! Relax with a massage, facial and time in the jacuzzi. This is a timeless and classy option for a Valentine’s Date, which you can both enjoy. Nothing says “I love you” quite like a back rub.

For deals on spa packages, you can browse websites such as Wowcher and Groupon… you’re welcome.

5. Sip ‘n’ Stroke

If you and your date prefer more hands-on activities that are fun and uplifting, take a look at events such as Sip ‘n’ Stroke or Pinot and Picasso.

You can unleash your artistic side over drinks and music. Whether you are naturally talented or can’t even paint an apple to save your life, this option is not only extremely entertaining but also will encourage you and your partner to bond in a new setting. Get messy with the paint and let loose with a few drinks. You are guaranteed a night of playful romance!

6. Make your night electric!

A common date for Valentine’s Day is at the cinema but, if you’re looking to kick it up a notch, take your date to the Soho House Electric cinema.

With large cushiony chairs and beds in the front row, you and your date will experience the movies in the most lavish way possible. Buy a bucket of popcorn, and a bag of sweets, and make sure to pack your cosy socks and dress in your comfiest clothes for the best cinema experience you’ll ever get.

If you can’t get a booking for Soho House then you can always rely on the many Everyman Cinemas located across the capital, offering a very similar vibe for a slightly cheaper price.

7. ‘And in the morning, I’m making waffles!’

This one is for the early birds and those who like the traditional sit-down meal. Book a table at Duck & Waffle for 7am, to catch the beautiful sunrise at 7:20am.

If you make the effort to drag yourself out of bed early in the morning then you can reap the rewards with a mouth-watering breakfast and a breath-taking view of London. The idyllic shades of pink and orange against London’s skyline will provide the most aesthetic and romantic backdrop you could ever wish for on a Valentine’s Day date.