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An honest day in the life of a Master’s student studying at Bournemouth University

It’s a wild ride worth every moment!

Being an Indian undergraduate, the prospect of pursuing a master’s degree in the UK seemed like a distant dream. Fast forward a year into my journey at Bournemouth University, and I can confidently say that the dream was not farfetched but a vivid reality. Adjusting to life in a new country, early morning classes (seriously, 9am?), navigating part-time employment – it’s been a whirlwind of experiences, but undeniably a thrilling one.

For those already a year deep into their master’s and gearing up for the dissertation phase, you’ll nod knowingly at the challenges. But for those still in the undergrad realm or just starting their master’s, here’s a glimpse into a day in my life as a Bournemouth University Master’s student.

8am – Breakfast

Long gone are the days when I proudly identified as a night owl. The master’s life, with its morning classes and early job shifts, has transformed me into a lover of the morning sun (whenever the weather permits). After a moment of admiration for the beauty outside my window, I grab a quick breakfast and head off to uni.

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9am – Uni commute

Navigating the UniBus can sometimes feel like a game of chance, but after mastering its unpredictable schedule, I arrive on campus. Upon arrival, I make a beeline for Starbucks for a caffeine fix and grab my favourite chocolate chip cookie from the Union shop. The library becomes my sanctuary, where I book a cosy study hall amidst the bustling crowd of master’s students and final year undergrads. Writing ensues for the next few hours, punctuated by brief breaks to maintain sanity.

1pm – Lunch and socialising

Lunchtime offers a choice between a homemade meal or a quick bite at Dylan’s. If I’m flying solo, it’s a meal deal and a retreat home. But if I’m catching up with friends, Dylan’s it is.

3pm – Grocery run

Master’s life isn’t just about hitting the books; it’s a crash course in adulting. A trip to Aldi, my go-to grocery spot, is a biweekly ritual. Stocking up on essentials like veggies and meat is a must, though milk always seems to vanish quicker than expected (blame the endless cups of tea).

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3:30pm – Fitness reboot

Amidst the chaos of classes, assignments, and work, neglecting health is easy. But with a slightly calmer schedule, my housemate and I embark on a fitness journey, starting with gentle runs along the quay. The wind may be relentless, but so are we.

5pm – Housemate bonding hour

After our chilly run, it’s time for cosy PJs and a piping hot cup of Indian masala tea. If I’m pressed for time, a caramel latte does the trick. We unwind with puzzles, series, or chats, cherishing the rare moments of relaxation amidst the chaos.

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7pm – Dinner and evening routine

Dinner feels odd early at first, but it soon becomes routine. If friends aren’t on early shifts the next day, we venture out to a pub. Otherwise, my housemate and I cook dinner from scratch, tackle the dishes, and retreat to our rooms. Before calling it a night, I indulge in an hour or two of reading – a personal resolution to devour more books.

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11pm – Nighttime rituals and rest

Before slipping into slumber, I indulge in a four step skincare routine (two months strong!). The alarm is set for the next day’s adventures as I drift off into dreamland.

So, there you have it – a sneak peek into the life of a Bournemouth University master’s student navigating the dissertation phase. As much as I anticipated a drastic change once I graduated in India and started my Master’s in the UK, life at Bournemouth University has a familiar ring to it. Sure, there were more seminar hours, extended library sessions, and juggling part-time jobs and studies, but every moment has woven together into a beautiful journey.

After all, as the saying goes, why rush to leave when you’re having the time of your life? So, here’s to seizing each moment, savouring every experience, and mastering the art of being a Bournemouth University master’s student. Cheers to the journey ahead!