The 10 best places to cry in London as a bitter singleton

The best ways to fill the empty hole in your heart

You may have seen all of the couples celebrating Valentine’s Day or the panicked boyfriends in Pandora on 13th February and it might have caused you to feel slightly bitter about your single status. The good thing is you live in London, and there couldn’t be a better place to be to lift your spirits with a plethora of spots to visit and events to participate in.

1.Classic coffee

Making a bad decision never tasted this good. Treat yourself to THE BEST coffee you can find in London to warm your cold singleton soul. It’s pricey, but today is the day you can afford to make bad decisions!

Some of our top recommendations for making tasty and unforgettable bad decisions include: Ozone Coffee, Grind, Signorelli’s and Prufrock.

2.Kew Gardens Orchid Festival

Not only is there a limited time window to visit it, but you can also enjoy Valentine’s surrounded by vibrant flora to brighten up your day, at Kew Gardens. Don’t skip the opportunity to make yourself pretty and show that guy you’ve been having a crush on what he’s missing. And take a few selfies as an added bonus! You can also revisit Kew Gardens at select dates throughout the month for night time events, including an immersion into some Madagascan culture.

3.Hot chocolate and a sweet treat

Who cares if you’ve been trying to resist getting warm chocolatey goodness all winter, it’s Valentine’s Day, let yourself loose. Grab something nice, sweet and cozy to sweeten up your heart. Have your pick from either: Italian Bear Chocolate, Mamasons or Knoops.

Y0u can also pop into any Whittard store in London and grab yourself a few little tasters of their latest hot chocolates.

4.Pottery class

Want to make a lasting memory that this is the LAST Valentine’s you are spending without a Valentine? Then go to Art Craft Studio and make yourself and your (future) significant other matching heart cups!


It’s not too late start acting on your New Year’s resolutions. Join that one boutique workout you’ve been having your eyes on at Psycle and sculpt your mind, your body and your day. Be the best version of yourself today.

6.Raw Press

After that hard workout, there’s a only one logical reward: a well-deserved smoothie. You’ll find a cup of wellness waiting for you at Raw Press – the juiciest, most aesthetic smoothie shop in London.

7.Books and bakeries

Fill up the hole in your heart with a tasty croissant at the Fortitude Bakehouse in Bloomsbury Square, or Arome in Covent Garden. And if you want to appear mysterious, bring your favourite book to read.

Who knows, maybe it can turn into a little meet-cute.

8.Movie nights for one

There’s something under appreciated about a solo date to the cinema; it’s the perfect place to hide any lonesome tears and there couldn’t be anything better for lifting your spirits than crashing on the soft cinema seat, munching on some snacks and enjoying a movie on the big screen. If you are on a budget, get yourself some popcorn and ice cream and have a comfort movie marathon instead.

9.I’m feeling VIP

Spice up dining out on Valentine’s by changing the location from a regular restaurant to the fancy Thames Dinner Cruise to enjoy some picturesque views along your journey.

Maybe avoid this one if you get seasick easily though.

10.Throw a singles party