The five best places for students to spend Valentine’s Day this year in Manchester

You don’t need a partner to celebrate today – grab some of your housemates and have a fun night out!

As if February wasn’t depressing enough: still overdrawn from Christmas, reality of final semester settling in, and your landlord appears to have stopped responding to all and any texts… it is also the Month of Love!

The best Valentine’s Day I’ve had so far was spent with two of my best friends in TROF in the NQ, making the most of their 50 per cent dicsounted menu. The night ended with us lugging a road sign home on the 142 bus route. Romantic? No. Fun? In a second-year-way.

So, whether you’re in a relationship or not, there is no reason not to celebrate whatever love there is in your life this February (and always)!

1. Lost Cat

Lost Cat

My Hot Valentine’s Dates 2023

Venture into Northern Quarter to grab a cocktail in Lost Cat, the intimate bar stays open until 3am every single day so it is always a good spot to close the night. Also – it has a free photobooth which is perfect for Valentines!

2. Double Zero

Double Zeros

Would 10/10 reccomend the garlic butter (kissing debatable afterwards)

Move over Rudy’s, Double Zero has taken the special pizza-shaped-hole in my heart since I discovered it last year. Located in Chorlton, you’re less likely to bump into people you know and it makes the evening feel a bit more special than HAUS. Also, their BYOB policy means that you can have a few drinks as well without it totally draining your loan.

3. Bar San Juan

Bar San Juan

Look at all that foodddddd

Also in Chorlton, Bar San Juan is an authentic Spanish tapas bar. Once you’re inside, the rankness of a February in Manchester fades away and you can imagine your V-Day-Date has taken you abroad. I would reccomend the sangria and “chorizo al vino tinto”.

4. Big Hands

Big Hands

Romantic sunset not included sadly

The only cool bar on the Oxford Road, although it comes alive in the summer with its fairylight-clad rooftop, Big Hands is equally as fun for a drink on a cold February evening! They have live music and DJ sets almost every night, the staff are super friendly, and although, with the intention of being completely honest, every date I’ve had at Big Hands didn’t result in a second… that is probably more a relfection on the suitor than the surrounding.

5. Ramona

Beats the LED-mood lighting in your bedroom

Sticking to the pizza theme, Ramona serves detroit style pizza alongside disco lights and DJs. Between 4 – 7pm on Wednesday – Friday their classic and frozen margaritas are £6 so go and make the most of it on the 14th!

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