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I went to a charity pub quiz blind dating event by Glasgow Marrow and it was so much fun

A pub quiz to raise money whilst getting to eavesdrop into people’s dates? Count me in

We were invited along to Glasgow Marrow’s blind dating pub quiz, so I took along one of my best gal pals and it turned out to be the funnest night out we’ve had in a while.

The idea was to go as a pair and get matched up with another pair on a blind double date for charity, and together be a team for the pub quiz. There were so many dates going on and it was such an amazing idea. I was so happy to be able to go along to the event as Glasgow Marrow is a student run branch of the Anthony Nolan charity, which is the UKs largest stem cell register.

This charity relies on the public signing up to the stem cell register in the hopes that they can potentially be a match for somebody with blood cancer and donate their stem cells/bone marrow to potentially save the life of patient with blood cancer.

A little different from last year’s speed dating event held by Glasgow Marrow, everybody seemed to love the double dating aspect to it, with some saying they felt more confident and relaxed knowing they had their friend with them so the environment was very chilled with the pub quiz keeping the conversation flowing.

My friend and I didn’t partake in the blind dating however we were lucky to be placed with four lovely girls so we could spy in on how the dates were going. We named ourselves “Cupid’s Arrows” thanks to Vanessa in honour of it being Valentines’s themed, and got our thinking hats on.

Working through the first general knowledge round we didn’t do too well… Did you know St Valentine was also the patron Saint for mentally ill people? I didn’t, but it does make sense that love can be related to mental illness. Anyway, moving swiftly on.

Next up was the geography round, thankfully one of the team members was a geographer so that did come in handy as Lois thought Costa Rica was an African island.

Next up was the geography round, thankfully one of the team members was a geographer so that did come in handy as Lois thought Costa Rica was an African island.

From mini Justin Biebers to Timothy Chalamet’s hair on a newborn, I’d definitely say that this was my favourite round of the night and would have been very disappointed if we didn’t get full marks!

Now for the Swifties/Lana/Mitski fans, you would have eaten up the music quiz round. With the lyrics up on the screen and the question master giving a lovely rendition of Taylor Swift’s Lover as the first question it really set the tone for the rest of the round.

Of course our team scored 18/20 here, take from that what you will.

After some score counting it was time for the results.

And… we came first! And celebrated with a lovely selection of vegan sweeties. With the girls rating their date partners a 10/10, this was the cherry on top of the whole night.

The room was filled with laughter and conversation all night and I can’t wait for another Glasgow Marrow romance to blossom from the successful evening.

Speaking of… we had a dating alumni in our presence and was able to speak to a lovely member that attended last year’s speed dating and kept in contact with their date.

Although the reappearance at the Valentine’s dating night does unfortunately tell us how that story ended, after six months they unfortunately ended things. However, it never stopped them and after getting their dates Snapchat after the double date, they hope to spark a new romance this year (hopefully we won’t see them again at next years date night!).

This again is proof that Glasgow Marrow Goes Dating is in fact the place to be if you’re single and want to meet your next potential partner, with all of the money raised going right to the charity I can’t think of a reason to not go.

The stem cell register is an incredibly important cause because it is incredibly unlikely that there will be a match for somebody waiting for a transplant due to the rarity of a match, which is why it’s super important that if you are fit and able, that you join the register to give somebody the best opportunity at finding a life-saving match.

I have been on the register since 2019 and got notified a few months ago that I was a potential match to be a donor, and I cannot explain how honoured I felt to be in the position to help somebody that truly needed it.

Glasgow Marrow is an amazing group, with a lovely committee, and what they do to raise money for the Anthony Nolan charity is utterly incredible. Overall an amazing night had by all.

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