Love is Blind pods

So, how long do the cast of Love is Blind really spend in the pods?

Sounds like heaven tbh

The Love is Blind pods are an absolutely essential part of the show, letting the cast go on dates for hours or minutes without actually seeing each other. But what are the pods actually like, how long do the cast stay inside them, and what amenities do they have inside them?

The answers to all your Love is Blind pods-related questions lie ahead, so keep on reading!

How long do Love is Blind cast members stay inside the pods?

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The cast of Love is Blind film in the pods for around 10 days. It starts with the full cast of around 30 people and during the 10 days some singles are let go, which is why we don’t see them all dating. “There was a certain point where we did a whittling down of people just to focus internally on the people who were really connecting, to allow them more time,” Chris Coelen said.

But they’re allowed to go back and forth to the pods whenever they want. In the beginning, date times are strict (on day one, they’re true speed dates at about 15 minutes long), but contestants can stretch dates longer as the week goes on and even stay up talking until three in the morning. “If I was serious about finding my wife on Love Is Blind, I would probably spend every waking hour that I could talking to the people that I’m connecting with, and that’s what most of them choose to do,” Coelen says.

What’s actually inside the pods?

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Each pod has a couch, rug, and a shimmering blue wall that is shared with another pod. Each pod is completely soundproof has speakers for the singles to communicate, and has a glass roof.

The pods don’t have bathrooms fitted in them so the Love is Blind cast have to go to the lounges if they need the bathroom. But the pods are stocked with alcoholic and nonalcoholic drinks 24/7, so you can either celebrate or drown your sorrows!

What happens to the pods in between seasons?

In between Love is Blind seasons the pods are conveniently packed away into storage.

Can the cast bring anything into the pods with them?

The contestants are encouraged to bring items they think would progress their relationship into the pods with them. They’re also allowed to request any meals or activities they’d like to make it feel like a date in the “outside world.” In the past, contestants have asked for everything from games (like Mal’s Episode two game of Never Have I Ever) to mini golf to exercise equipment.

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