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‘The true backbone of our university’: Newcastle students on the demolition of Castle Leazes

Whether you loved being catered or the rah energy of Leazes, it shall be missed

Castle Leazes – the end of an era as of this summer. Some of you were sad, others were celebrating. Regardless, you cannot argue it is partially iconic, the fact there’s a certain type for Leazes more than any other accommodation is incredible in itself.

We initially did a poll entitled: Shall we say bye-bye Leazes?

A whopping 72 per cent said, “YES GET RID”, whilst the remaining 28 per cent said “Nooo (rah tone) catered days were so boarding x” (If you know, you know).

Now for the responses, is it envy or excitement?

‘Unlucky people apres lockdown’

A common fact about Leazes is the social aspect, if you’re catered you have no choice but to socialise with people and make friends. It’s a social experience and easier to meet people there compared to any other accommodation allegedly.

Also close to the Cosy Dove, a Leazes fave – if you don’t find pals in the canteen there’s plenty to choose from here.

‘An affordable accommodation is being removed in favour of something that won’t be affordable’

Despite Leazes holding the reputation for harvesting multiple boarding/private school students, some people opt for it due to its affordability. In comparison to the other student accommodations offered at Newcastle Uni, Leazes is definitely one of the cheaper options.

‘Heartbreaking to see the removal of the heart, soul, spirit and true backbone of our uni’

A response from one of Shakespeare’s descendants possibly? It is Leazes we’re talking about so you never know…

‘Iconic but absolutely rank at the same time’

Leazes is known for its “rustic” appeal some might say x

It has been there since 1969 so she’s a bit tired…


For some, their parents were also in Leazes which is a tear-jerking moment. It arguably makes some feel like they’re losing a big part of the uni.

‘Absolute shithole full of wrongins x’

What an insult not only to the accommodation but to those within it – a double whammy. At least the “x” is flattering, or sarcastic?

‘About damn time’

Okay Lizzo x