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Jess calls out Jimmy for ‘lying’ about her, saying it ‘speaks volumes’ about his character

‘He takes every opportunity to speak poorly of me’

There’s no love here, as an all-out Love Is Blind war has broken out between Jess and Jimmy. Jess has fired back at Jimmy after he accused her of being a “mean girl” during a recent Love Is Blind interview.

Jimmy described his last date with Jess in the Love Is Blind pods as more of a “meeting.” He explained: “Our last date, that wasn’t a date—it was a meeting. She was not nice, and I’ll never go for the mean girl.”

Jimmy felt they didn’t show who Jess really was, leaving him more grateful things didn’t go well with her because of how she talked to him when “things don’t go her way.” He said: “They only showed her getting to lay into me in a light that wasn’t really fair for me. She walked out on me 10 minutes in and was mad that I wasn’t prepared to say ‘I love you’ to her.”

“I’m glad it worked the way it did because I got to see a glimpse of what I might’ve had in my future [with Jess] and how she talks to me when things don’t go her way. It wasn’t fun.”


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And now Jess has called out Jimmy for “lying” about her by commenting under the post on Instagram.  She wrote: “This is easier for him to say than the whatever the real reason was that he didn’t want to be with me.

“Notice in all the interviews I’ve done, I speak highly of him and our experience. In his interviews, he takes every opportunity to speak poorly of me and flat out lie. It truly speaks volumes and is so disheartening.”


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