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A study in style: Mastering midterm fashion trends in George Square

From maxi skirts to fur coats – it’s mid-terms baby!

With midterms rolling round the corner, finding a library seat is becoming more impossible and stress levels are rising. However, amidst the impending deadlines, maintaining style is a non-negotiable for Edinburgh students.

Here are the hottest trends spotted around campus as springs approaches:

Skirt season

As spring is slowly making its way to Edinburgh, a whimsical trend is emerging on campus – the maxi skirt. These flowy skirts prove to be the perfect companion as the sun starts to peek out.

Paired with a cosy jumper for when the chill hits, these maxi skirts can be plain and simple or printed with a vibrant pattern to capture the essence of the season.

The perfect layers

This outfit is the gift that keeps giving, and is a perfect example of how layering can be practical and stylish. The key to this is a good colour palette. Here we see a mix of red, navy and cream to make a truly dreamy outfit.

Good things come in twos

Girls who wear fur together stick together. Coordinating library outfits is a great way to make studying a bit more fun. This style is achieved by blending textures – think glam fur coats with laidback jumpers and relaxed denim. This mix makes both your fashion game and study vibes effortlessly better.

Pick ‘n’ Mix

Combining different patterns and colours is easier than it looks, and this outfit is a prime example of the maximalist possibilities. From the stripy knit scarf to frilly socks every element of this outfit is exciting and fun to look at.

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