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It’s back and it’s only getting wilder… meet the girls competing in Fight Night this weekend!

Watch out: These girls are scarier than your summatives

This Saturday, a selection of Durham’s toughest girls will take on the daunting task of boxing, all in the name of charity. As someone who has been through the process, trust me, it’s tough. It either makes or breaks you and certainly isn’t for the light-hearted.

These fighters are undertaking an intense and physically rewarding, but exhausting, seven week course led by professional coaches Andy Connor and Nick Hands, with their skills being tested on the biggest stage of all in front of over 1000 spectators at Rainton Arena.

All of the fighters are raising money in the name of The Oddballs Foundation, with a few having already raised frankly insane amounts. Keep reading to meet them.

Tilly Juty-Tabram vs Rose Spurling

Juty-Tabram, a second year from Grey representing DU Netball, chose to take part due to having “lots of aggression” in her. Expect fireworks, and not just on the walk out. Despite being a few inches shorter than her opponent, Juty-Tabram believes that her strength and reaction time will give her the victory on the night. Fierce, flair and with some of the most backing in the audience, she’ll be tough to be take down.

Spurling, a third year from Hild Bede representing Hild Bede Netball and Football, chose to tick Fight Night off of her university bucket list this March. With what is perhaps the best fighter name in “‘Guns N’ Rose Spurling”, expect to see her walk out to Welcome to the Jungle with some fake guns and roses. Rumour has it her housemate will be doing a flip on stage, and don’t forget you heard it here first. With a fairly impressive wingspan, if she can fight at a distance she may well find herself in paradise city.

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Daisy Proctor vs Georgia Massey

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Daisy Proctor vs Georgia Massey

Proctor, a second year representing Hatfield Darts, was inspired to take part by the one and only Tom “One Shot” Scott from Round Six, citing his hard work as something to look up to. Whether she can chop more shandies than him remains to be seen, but that is unfortunately not relevant, here. With height and reach on her side in this fight, Proctor most certainly won the battle of the comments section and the darts girl is confident that her precision will secure victory on the night.

Massey, a second year from Stephenson representing DUWRFC, intends to use body shots and comparative power to win the bout, admitting that many of the rugby girls have fought before, but “not many have won, so I’d love to change that”. Facing a darts player, Massey will punch through a self-made darts board as she comes through on her walk out. Scary. Described by a friend as “The Washington Warrior”, I certainly wouldn’t want to run into her in a dark alleyway.

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Ella Domanska vs Sophia Constantinou-Hickman

Domanska, a St. Chad’s student representing DU Equestrian, is doing it for all the freshers out there, being the only female fresher to take part in this event. While all fighters have raised an impressive amount, Domanska stands head and shoulders above all else, having currently raised £2,776, a record across every Wilder Student Fight Night in the entire United Kingdom. This girl loves charity, hoping to combat her daunting opponent by staying patient, but quick when she needs to be.

When asked who they were most scared to fight, almost every girl responded with Constantinou-Hickman. I don’t think County Durham has been quite this scared of one woman since a certain prime minister came to power. The Van Mildert second year, representing DU Lacrosse, was admirably inspired to take part by her aunt currently battling terminal cancer, hoping to raise awareness of a cause very close to her heart. Affectionately known by the coaches as “Hulk Smash”, expect a hard-hitting performance from your female headliner.

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Izzy Rees vs Bella Batkin

Rees, a second year representing Hatfield hockey, was inspired to fight by her older brother who competed in Aggression Sessions years ago. Rees hopes to use her southpaw stance to her advantage on the night, with her being the only left-handed girl in the event giving her opponent very little practice against a lefty. Could that be the decisive factor in the battle of the blondes? In relation to fundraising, Rees also deserves a huge shoutout, already standing at a massive £1,990.

Batkin, a second year representing Van Mildert hockey, hopes to rely on her impressive endurance to win the fight, claiming that “my first round is similar to my last”. With a strong choice of walk out song in Centuries by Fall Out Boy, she’s sure to get the fairly Mildert-heavy crowd riled up and ready to go. Seemingly having a longer reach than her opponent, if she can win the ever-present battle of the jab in an orthodox-southpaw matchup, she may well be crowned as college hockey’s queen over Rees.

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Kitty Xiberras vs Ellie Shepherd

Xiberras, a Collingwood fourth year representing Durham Divas, was inspired to take part by her friends Livi Holder and Grace Moran-Birch who competed in Round Six, aiming to “build my mental toughness”. With a walk out comprised of cheerleaders, I’m sure we’re in for an elaborate routine when Xiberras walks onto the iconic Rainton stage. After some friendly fire was dished out by both fighters in their fight announcement, I think we can expect a feisty matchup, here.

Shepherd, a second year from Stephenson representing DU Netball, claims to be “a very, very, competitive person”, putting her in great stead for what can only be described as DH1’s toughest event. Signed up by her friend during Palatinalps, Shepherd hopes to use adrenaline to her advantage and completely backs herself under the pressure. With Shepherd and Xiberras being two of the strongest girls fighting, expect a very physical encounter.

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Vita Milana vs Amy Delaney

Milana, a fourth year representing Grey hockey, commented on how the experience has made her “so much stronger mentally”. Milana believes she can win through a combination of reach and fitness, but admitted that last Tuesday’s fitness session “has sort of proven me wrong”. As someone who had their fitness more than humbled for seven weeks, I can certainly relate. While both girls are sure to leave it all out there in the ring, when asked if she would be going for a drink with Delaney after the fight she replied “yeah, hopefully- it’s all good vibes there”. Wholesome.

Delaney, a second year representing Collingwood cheerleading, is certainly a resilient character who described her strengths in the ring as being able to bounce back and not being afraid to take a hit. Of all the fighters, she is completing one of the most impressive fundraising initiatives in swimming the distance from England to Ireland over the course of six weeks, putting my walk to Scotland to utter shame. With her granite chin and elaborate Irish-themed walk out, expect the cheerleader to put on a show.

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Abbie McDowell vs Izzy Mould

McDowell, a second year representing DU Lacrosse, chose to sign up despite being apprehensive of taking on a personal challenge after solely playing team sports throughout her life. When asked about her chances in the ring, McDowell said “I believe I want it more”. With both girls weighing in around the 50kg mark, this is the lightest fight of the night by some distance and may be a test of agility and speed over pure power when anthropology meets anthropology on derby day.

Mould, a second year representing Grey College Boat Club, is small but formidable and certainly packs a punch. Inspired to take part by the valiant performance of her friend Tom “Get Bodied” Boddington, she chose the infamous shark tank as the hardest part of training, like most fighters, commenting that it was “Horrendous. I cried, I screamed, awful.” On another note, Mould may truly be a Fight Night first, claiming to be more scared of the walk out than the fight, as she “hates attention”. Couldn’t be me.

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