The best places to find your future spouse in Bristol, when you’re ready to settle down

If you’re expecting to see Hinge on this list, then you are completely and utterly delusional

Now Valentine’s Day has been and gone, it is time to make sure 2025 is not another year of deleting Instagram for the day to avoid sickening stories of your loved-up friends or even worse, ex situationships. However, this is much easier said than done and let’s remember that being single is not always a curse. We already have to worry about what to have for dinner, let alone what your significant other is up to in the Gravity smoking area on a Wednesday night.

However, if you’re sick of affirming “I don’t chase, I attract’” and are looking to have a One Day style Emma and Dexter romance (minus the ending) then here are the best places to scout out potential spouses and, if brave enough, approach them. Forget the pitiful and soul-crushing dating apps, it’s time to ask that hottie for their number old-school style. Remember, the University of Bristol has one of the highest percentages of marriage to a university partner (somehow), so there is still hope.

Queens Building

If you fancy men, it’s time to look lost in Queens – with an abundance of smart and ambitious men it is a great spot to scout out potential partners. Queens is swarmed with Dior Sauvage and Lynx Africa, you can almost follow the scent down University Walk. With its unisex toilets (which are horrid) you could be washing your hands next to your future husband, reaching for the soap at the same time – it doesn’t get much better than that.

Kingsdown Coop

“Where did you two meet?”

“In the Co-op next to uni, in the meal deal aisle.”

Sounds super romantic I know, but Co-op is packed at lunchtime on a weekday, and you’re bound to see someone worth a double-take, unless they’re holding some dodgy meal deal choice, then maybe avoid. It’s time to put supermarket rizz to the test” “I hope I’m on your list of things to pick up today.”

Royal Fort Gardens/College Green/ The Downs in the summer months

Summer instantly makes things easier, with the ability to scout a spouse while sunbathing. Royal Fort, College Green and The Downs attract the most students and are perfect social settings to meet people where you can have an actual conversation instead of awkwardly shouting in each other’s ear in the club. In the summer, people are generally more social and with a magnitude of tinnies being consumed, you’ll have some liquid courage too.


Seminars couldn’t be more perfect if they tried, with group work and discussions you can easily ask for someone’s Instagram without it being bait. Try and sit as close to them as possible so you’re more likely to be in the same groups and be bold – ask them their name and make the initial small talk. Even if nothing romantic comes from it, it is always good to make seminar buddies.

Arts Complex

If you’re after a Dr. Marten wearer with red hair and a pierced eyebrow this is the place to go. The long corridors of the Arts Complex almost act as a catwalk with edgy, alternative fashion always on show. The Arts Complex is the perfect place to act mysterious, reading ‘The Bell Jar” and praying you get approached with an “Omg you read Sylvia Plath!” Get your literary rizz and best outfit at the ready.


With black tie, flowing wine, and hundreds of people, Winestock is a brilliant opportunity to meet new people outside of a club setting. Whether it’s in the queue for wine, at the tables or on the dancefloor, it is an event where it’s encouraged to speak to new people or potential spouses without feeling awkward or judged. With romantic fireworks in the beautiful location (although it is at The Downs this year), the event is setting you up for success. Imagine telling your children you met at Winestock – quite the flex.

Coffee Spots / Parsons Bakery

Popular coffee spots are ideal as alcohol won’t be clouding your judgement, and it’s imperative that your spouse also likes to indulge in sweet treats. The reason I specify Parsons is because of its two for £2 sausage roll deal – perfect for sharing. For only 20p more I always cave and buy two but only ever want one. So, I’ve come up with a plan of action: if there is a lenger behind you in the queue, ask if they want to split the deal with you and bosh the rest is history.

Student Pubs

Popular student pubs like Steam, W.G. Grace, The White Bear and Hope and Anchor are guaranteed to attract potential spouses. This may be seen as a basic choice, but from my serious academic research on this topic, they have high success rates. Steam is great because of the long benches outside, you may be forced to sit next to a randomer which makes it easy to create conversation. You will also see coursemates and old faces from first-year accom and could be introduced to their friends – you never know, one may tickle your spouse hunting fancy!

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