These six University of York moments shouldn’t be embarrassing but they just are

Brb i’m dropping out – it’s all too cringeworthy

Let’s face it- university is a place for embarrassment. You arrive a bright-eyed and bushy-tailed fresher faced with endless groups of strangers who you then have to make various attempts to interact with. What a nightmare.

Although many of us have rightfully felt embarrassed after one too many blue shit’s in Lowther, this article is for the moments that shouldn’t feel embarrassing, and yet they make us cringe to the core. Hopefully reading this might bring you some comfort now you know you’re not alone in feeling ashamed whenever you find yourself in these situations.

Using Google Maps to get to your seminar

This one is something which will be experienced for many days to come. York’s West Campus is essentially an arrangement of sprawling 1960s architecture, all with in same underwhelming shade of beige, transforming the campus into a confusing maze. And yet, even with the buildings all looking blindingly similar, you always end up discovering a new part of campus or saying “oh that’s where the Piazza Building is!”

Even if you’re brave enough to try and use the university’s app map system, you’re guaranteed to be led across the lake multiple times before you eventually track down the room you’re searching for. The aimless wandering around and passing the same maintenance man three times before you work out where you’re meant to be going… how embarrassing. God forbid I ever have any classes on Campus East.

Embarrassment rating: 8/10

Getting chased by geese or ducks

A truly unique York experience but one which everyone will absolutely experience at some point. When first coming to York, the ducks and geese were such a sweet novelty, and with Longboi wandering around campus, it was fun to spot them waddling about when walking between lectures. But since his passing (RIP), it’s almost as if they’ve all turned nasty. The Geese are really the ones to watch out for here – they’re violent, viscous and downright angry. Especially when you’re walking in the dark and you can just hear them but not see them, like they’re the bloody Blair Witch. It’s undeniably embarrassing to try and play it off like “haha that was funny wasn’t it I’m not absolutely terrified…”.

Embarrassment rating: 10/10

The climb up to the library

Embarrassment rating: 10/10

The climb up to the library

Embarrassment rating: 9/10

The Aldi shop expedition

This one is defo a freshers’ staple. Don’t get me wrong, the Aldi in Fulford is a godsend. However, it’s a deceptively long walk to get there. And then let’s not talk about the journey back, lugging your bags full of Aldi bargains in a clammy mess. You’re literally just carrying your shopping home, a very normal part of life, but for some reason it just is embarrassing.

Embarrassment rating: 7/10

A feature on the York Parties Instagram

There is nothing worse than scrolling through Instagram during the obligatory morning after debrief and being absolutely jump scared by a picture of yourself showing up on your feed that you don’t remotely remember being taken. No one on Instagram needs to see you off your face in Sunday Revs at 2am. Plus, the flash on those pictures gives us absolutely no chance of looking even somewhat presentable. It’s a no from me.

Embarrassment rating: 9/10

Attempting to battle the mud

York’s campus is full of nature, which makes for some beautiful landscapes when the sun comes out. However, when it rains (which is about 90 per cent of the time at the moment) you are guaranteed to find endless muddy patches. Whether it’s the back lane that connects Halifax to West Campus or the path between the cattlegrids near the biology department, you are bound to find some squelchy mud somewhere on campus and most have to learn the hard way to simply avoid at all costs. Just imagine showing up to your seminar with your white New Balances caked in the stuff, leaving a mess of dried mud all around your seat – that is embarrassing.

Embarrassment rating: 6/10

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