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This is every reason why we need International Women’s Day at Exeter University

Because girls run the world

International Women’s Day stands as a beacon of acknowledgement, celebration and advocacy for gender equality. Women’s voices are heard, valued and empowered. It reminds us of battles that women face everyday, both on and off of campus and for us to pave the way for a more inclusive and equitable future.

The Uni of Exeter has their own page to describe what the day means to them in the celebration of women all across the world. They want to ensure belonging for ALL genders and have been holding courses throughout the week. The day not only inspires women, but also acts as a reminder to others to treat and respect women generally. Uni life can be particularly overwhelming, so it is important to take time to reflect on what is important. There is a strong sense of belonging in Exeter, which should continue to be shared and promoted. So, here’s why we still need International Women’s Day:

1. ALL women deserve a voice

Last year, there were 29,776 students at the University of Exeter, so it is important that we highlight female voices for everyone to contemplate. There should be a space for women to be heard and understood, particularly in such a large crowd.

2. To reflect on all of the powerful women that have been at Exeter Uni

Obviously, all women that leave Exeter Uni are powerful, but International Women’s day gives us the opportunity to celebrate what people have made possible. Some famous celebrities, authors, scientists and thinkers have graduated at Exeter and often are one of the reasons why someone would choose to come here in the first place. It is positive on this day to honour the women who inspire us most. University helps provide us with the skills and platform that we need to voice our opinions on the importance of women in the world.

Not only this, but there are also a large amount of female lecturers that emphasise the importance of women in positions of power and respect. Their resilience and determination serves as a testament to what we can all achieve when we get our degrees. It is important for women to see other women are present in their teaching and education.

3. Exeter Students For Life Petition

However, amidst the celebration of achievements, it’s crucial to acknowledge the ongoing struggles that women face, both on and off campus. If you can remember in 2021, there was a pro-life society created to offer opinions on female autonomy and rights. Whilst everyone is entitled to their beliefs, a large amount of people helped sign a petition to remind those involved that women should have a voice over their own choices. This also highlighted the dangers that other people cause when projecting their views – it acted as a reminder of the importance to respect women’s dignity and keep female discussions away from men. Women deserve to feel safe on campus and days such as International Women’s Day remind everyone of the battles that have been fought just for basic human rights.

4. The uni has societies for women to feel safe in

Exeter has a large range of societies that you can join and make new friends in. It is important to have spaces at Exeter Uni where women feel empowered from being around other like-minded, strong women. Examples of said societies include (but are not limited to) Feminism Society, Period Poverty, Women in Law and Urban Angels. 

At the uni itself, there is a range of support and services for women to use throughout the year. Joining societies in Exeter that are female-led and dedicated to empowering women builds lifelong female friendships, especially with societies that focus on career sectors. It shows the power that women can gain: Societies run by women to help women are very fitting for getting stuff DONE. Often, in male-dominated subjects, it is hard to be recognised and not feel belittled, which is why these sorts of societies are so important.

5. Reminds us of how much further we have to go