Caitlin Maria McDermott


Caitlin Maria McDermott
Bournemouth University

Guides, student life, opinion pieces, politics, social media, food and drink, Glasgow, science and the environment

  • Caitlin McDermott is a student contributor, who specialises in guides keeping students up to date with trends, university news and writing about student life within Glasgow.
  • Her journalistic interests are student life pieces, local and national news, as well as opinion pieces on issues that affect us as students.
  • In her free-time Caitlin enjoys working out, socialising with friends and playing the piano. She also loves animals and is looking to start dog walking.


Caitlin joined the tab in 2023 and has written several pieces in her time there, she has also recently started writing for the tab national. Writing for the tab was her first experience journalistic writing.


She is in her second year of an undergraduate joint honours in economics and business management at Glasgow University. Also studies psychology as an elective.


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