Dr Alex has bought a house for a family of Ukrainian refugees

He wants them to move in ‘as soon as possible’

Dr Alex George has revealed plans to house a family of Ukrainian refugees “as soon as possible,” after buying four cottages in Wales.

In a statement posted on Instagram, the Love Island star and Mental Health Ambassador opened up about his intentions to renovate the Pembrokeshire-based home before moving people in. The remaining three houses will be used as holiday homes.

He also set up a new account dedicated to documenting the renovations, as well as a YouTube video further explaining his decision to help the Ukrainian cause.

dr alex

Photo via YouTube

In the Instagram post, he said: “With all of the current devastation in Ukraine, I have decided I would love one of the cottages to be home to a Ukrainian family for as long as they need.

“My plan is to start the renovations and get the properties into a good state to house a family as soon as possible.”

The reality star also uploaded a YouTube video in which he showed subscribers around three of the newly-bought cottages. As well as talking about his plans to “turn them into holiday homes,” Dr Alex spoke candidly about his decision to house a Ukrainian family.

He said: “Things are going on in the world right now, and it’s tough. I think we’ve all been moved about the things we’ve seen in Ukraine… and it kind of makes you think, ‘what can we do to help?’ and I’ve felt quite powerless in the last few months.

“What I’d like to do is (to house) a Ukrainian family in one of the cottages… for as long as they need to. The cottages are not in a fit state to have people in… they need sorting.

“I’m going to renovate all the cottages as quickly as possible, to a really good standard… and one of those cottages, when it’s done, I think we’re going to put a family in.”

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