Here’s how you can find the first post you liked on Instagram, since everyone’s sharing them

Sobbing that mine is a picture of David Platt from Corrie

Everyone on TikTok, Twitter and Instagram is sharing the first picture they ever liked on Instagram and it’s guaranteed to be random comedy gold. How do you find the first picture you liked on Instagram, I hear you cry? It’s actually pretty simple, and already an easily available feature on the Instagram app that you might not have known about. I literally had no clue you could this this, and no clue that it was so easy. Here’s how you can find the first post picture you ever liked on Instagram so you can laugh about how ugly everyone’s aesthetic was in 2012.

1. Open Instagram and go to your profile

Go on Insta, go to your profile and then click on that little hamburger stack icon in the top right corner first of all. (Yes that is me with Charli XCX in East London, what about it x)

2. Go to the ‘your activity’ option

When you click the hamburger stack, you’ll get a bunch of options. Press on ‘Your activity’.

3. You’ll be greeted with a bunch of options – press ‘Interactions’

You’ll find a load of features that I didn’t even know Instagram gave you. You can see how long you’ve been on the app, things you’ve searched for, any and all changes you’ve made to your account. But for this, head to interactions – where you can see all the likes and comments you’ve dished out.

4. Change the filter to oldest to newest

Instagram first liked post

When you go onto interactions you’ll see all the latest pics you’ve liked. Change the filter at the bottom to oldest to newest. You can also pick specific start and end dates of a time frame. So if you wanted to see everything you liked in August 20198, you could do so. Fun!

Instagram first liked post

You can now see what your first liked Instagram post or picture was. Here’s mine – David Platt from Coronation Street. Vibes! Other early highlights include me liking Tom Daley doing literally anything, and Harry Styles wearing some Converse on a balcony. A simpler time.

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