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Sharon Gaffka says the Love Island 2021 cast no longer speak to each other

‘The WhatsApp group is dead’

Sharon Gaffka has revealed her Love Island 2021 co-stars no longer talk to each other – and the WhatsApp group chat hasn’t been live for a while.

The reality star, 26, isn’t in close contact with anyone from the cast; and even claims the friendships made in the villa are “forced.”

In an interview with The Sun, Sharon admitted “personality clashes” lead to certain people drifting after the show ended.

sharon gaffka

Photo via ITV

She said: “There is a WhatsApp group with like everyone in there pretty much. I think it’s quite dead. But it’s not in a malicious way. I think because you are forced to be friends with people in the villa, right?

“They’re the only people you have around you. Obviously you’re friends with them but sometimes when you go into the real world as an adult you’re never going to be friends with everyone.

“Like any other personality clashes, your life won’t mix well with people, so for me personally, I don’t have any malicious, like, ‘not friends’ with anyone.”

Despite claiming the group are no longer on talking terms, Sharon clarified there was no tension on her end: “There’s no bad blood. I mean, not from my heart anyway.”

Another ex-islander, Faye Winter, has also hinted at a feud between several undisclosed cast members. Speaking to Vicky Patterson on her podcast, The Secret To, she said: “I am a little bit, like, I’ve come out and there were obviously a few that didn’t want to talk to me. And I was like, ‘oh don’t you?’

“Well don’t fucking talk to me, unless you want to say sorry.”

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