The 10 worst Drag Race UK episodes of all time, according to IMDb

AKA, 10 episodes where fans hated who the judges sent home

Drag Race UK is *thee* elite Drag Race franchise. Facts are facts on that one, I’m afraid. It’s the funniest, the most original and the most exciting – and our TVs are less of a good time when a season isn’t airing. With all that being said, not every episode goes down well with fans. Whether it’s a bad maxi challenge or a queen goes home that has fans up in arms and has Twitter in a meltdown, it’s not always plain sailing. Here are the 10 worst episodes of Drag Race UK – according to their user rating on IMDb.

10. Family That Drags Together (Season 1)
IMDb Rating: 7.8

The season one makeover challenge takes the spot as 10th of the worst Drag Race UK episodes. The user score isn’t diabolical – there’s a reason Drag Race UK is so popular – but this episode rubbed people up the wrong way for two main reasons. People didn’t like the way Baga spoke about her mum on the runway, which the other queens called out. Secondly, Cheryl Hole went home on this episode, despite the fact she objectively did a great job. It felt heavy handed production wise.

9. Grand Finale (Season 1)
IMDb Rating: 7.7

Drag Race UK worst episodes


I think this episode appearing on the list of worst episodes is purely because Divina fans were fuming she didn’t win and gave it a negative review. It’s a solid finale, the queens all kill their verses on To The Moon and it was great to have the other queens back in the format that’s now standard for Drag Race UK. The Viv deserved her crown too, end of!

8. Thirsty Werk (Season 1)
IMDb Rating: 7.7

Thirsty Werk gave us”I’m drippin'”, so that alone should get it OFF this list in my opinion. We did lose eventual UK Versus the World winner Blu Hydrangea this week though – which was pure evil.

7. Downton Draggy (Season 1)
IMDb Rating: 7.6

Drag Race UK worst episodes

Despite this episode birthing Baga Chipz’ slogan “Much betta”, that she’s made her entire brand and is synonymous with her now, Downton Draggy is just a bad acting challenge week and has therefore put itself right into the worst episodes of Drag Race UK. The script is just… bad. But the queens do the best they can with it all.

6. Great Outdoors (Season 3)
IMDb Rating: 7.2

The first season three appearance on the list of worst Drag Race UK episodes is Great Outdoors, an episode that really set off the fury fans have for the judging of season three and what many perceive to be favouritism. Also we lost Victoria Scone this week because of her injury, which was a huge loss to the season and put a bad taste in fans’ mouths.

5. Grand Finale (Season 3)
IMDb Rating: 6.4

Drag Race UK worst episodes


This score is very very ‘arsh, because honestly this is genuinely a great episode of Drag Race UK. I think people were a bit put out with the season in general, and perhaps the score reflects that. Krystal, Kitty and Ella all absolutely demolish Hey Sis It’s Christmas. No notes. Perfectly done. Of course, it’s appearance on the list is down to the eventual winner not being perhaps everyone’s first choice even though she was RuPaul’s from day DOT. I was honestly team anyone for this season, all three of them deserved it in their own way and I think Krystal slayed the competition. Get over it, IMDb voters!

4. Grand Finale (Season 2)
IMDb Rating: 6.4


This finale on the other hand, the only season two episode on this list of worst Drag Race UK episodes, is a bit more expected. Lawrence Chaney was a deserving winner, and it’s a shame for them that the runaway success of Bimini over the latter half of the season meant people wanted Bim to win like never before. And it really felt like they deserved it. When they didn’t take the crown – the Bimini ascent storyline that we’d all gobbled up felt like it had a flat ending. Even if Lawrence is more than worthy of being a crowned winner.

Also – after the phenomenon that was UK Hun, the hype was ON for the song to be an absolute serve and it just didn’t go as hard as UK Hun did. Great runways from the queens, though – and amazing to see the full great cast of season two back to walk one last time.

3. Dragoton (Season 3)
IMDb Rating: 6.1

There’s so much wrong with Dragoton that I don’t know where to start – but this episode is not hated because of anything the queens did. It’s hated because the challenge is just DIRE. A weird hybrid of a fitness video in the realm of Peloton and a … dancing challenge? With choreo from Oti THEE Mabuse? Don’t get it never will. The fact we had a cast full of musical theatre performers and Oti there to choreograph them but they didn’t do a Rusical? Beyond me.

2. Draglexa (Season 3)
IMDb Rating: 5.8

Drag Race UK worst episodes

This episode has great drama – but at what cost? I love the cinematic grandeur of Scarlett storming off and then that iconic shot of her having a cig under the stairs behind the scenes. Is it one of the worst episodes of Drag Race UK? Yeah, I’d say so. The acting challenge is bad, but the scripted acting challenges always are. The queens try their hardest and Charity Kase is done dirty and sent home. Fans wanted better for her.

1. Snatch Game (Season 3)
IMDb Rating: 4.3

Was it the worst Snatch Game ever? Nope. Did the judges act like it was? Yep. See that low rating, RuPaul? That’s what happens when you judge a competition like a jumble sale. The double sashay of River Medway and Choriza May is one of the biggest travesties in Drag Race herstory. Not just for Drag Race UK, but for the franchise as a whole. Getting rid of two fan faves was just the nail in the season three coffin for many people. A sad day indeed. Justice for both of those icons

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