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The 10 best Drag Race All Stars episodes of all time, according to IMDb

Surprisingly not just 10 episodes of All Stars 2

When the All Stars formula of RuPaul’s Drag Race hits right, the level of euphoric television is off the charts. What could be better than fan favourites and absolute legends of the drag world come back with budget, glow ups and talent to remind the fans why they fell in love with them in the first place? Honestly, not much! Whether it’s because of legendary iconic moments, good drama, sickening talent or a great maxi challenge – all of these episodes are what fans deem to be the top 10 Drag Race All Stars eps in herstory, according to their user rating on IMDb.

10. All Star Variety Show (All Stars 3)
IMDb Rating: 8.6

All Stars 3 had huge shoes to fill after the absolute WOW of All Stars 2, and with its premiere it did its darnedest to let fans know we were going to be in safe hands. The cast absolutely let everyone have it with the talent show. Trixie debuted Moving Parts, her gorgeously written country ballad and signature song as far as I’m concerned. Aja did Level Your Pussy Up and jumped off the box (“Is she gonna jump from there?”). And BenDeLaCreme solidified herself as THEE threat with her comedy burlesque number. Just a great episode of Drag Race – if I had my way, all of the All Stars talent show episodes would be ranked amongst the best.

9. All Stars Variety Extravaganza (All Stars 5)
IMDb Rating: 8.7

Another episode where the season opens so strongly even if the fan opinion of it peters off as more episodes and more rigga morris take effect. The drama in this episode, especially between Derrick and India, is so good. I wish Derrick stayed around for more of All Stars 5 because she’s such good TV. Alexis Mateo should have won the talent show, though – argue with your mama on that one.

8. Herstory of the World (All Stars 2)
IMDb rating: 8.7

Shea and Juju absolutely ate up the Snatch Game of Love on All Stars 5, and Jujubee giving the world “A sensible 74” went completely viral and solidified this episode’s place on the ranked list of best episodes of Drag Race All Stars. I HATE Snatch Game of Love over normal Snatch Game, but they did their best and gave us iconic moments nonetheless.

6. All Stars Supergroup (All Stars 2)
IMDb Rating: 9.0

Drag Race All Stars best episodes

This episode gave the world Read U Wrote U, and I can’t remember life before it. It really changed everything – now the top four will do a song with their own verses without a doubt every year. And they’ve all been great, but none can touch this one all these years later. Alaska, Detox and Katya absolutely demolish their verses and Roxxxy’s is so bad its good, iconic for being a mess. What a great episode of TV.

5. RuDemption Lip Sync Smackdown (All Stars 6)
IMDb Rating:  9.0

Drag Race All Stars best episodes

This episode belonged to Silky Nutmeg Ganache – who got her rudemption in the best way possible. It doesn’t even matter that in the end Eureka beat her and came back to the competition, what Silky did this episode was high drag euphoria. Chaotic, campy and charming – her stunts in the lip syncs dragged her up to victory and gave us the solo Barbie Girl classic. Wow.

4. Snatch Game (All Stars 2)
IMDb Rating: 9.2

Drag Race All Stars best episodes

This episode is both Snatch Game as a challenge and Drag Race as a franchise at its very best. Alaska and Katya as Mae West and Björk absolutely dominate with two of the best impersonations in the history of the staple challenge. They’re literally a laugh a minute, and then the runway is pure high fashion latex excellence. Just a blast.

3. Side Hustles (All Stars 6)
IMDb Rating: 9.3

Drag Race All Stars best episodes

This is a pretty fun, alright episode of Drag Race All Stars, until Laganja splits her way onto the main stage as the lip sync assassin and puts this firmly into the list of best episodes of all time. Honestly, I’ve not been so gagged at my TV screen for a long time. Laganja must be the only queen to win a lip sync before the song even starts. The fact that the song is Physical by Dua Lipa is the icing on the cake – and Trinity nails it too. What a moment!

2. All Star Talent Show Extravaganza (All Stars 2)
IMDb Rating: 9.4

Drag Race All Stars best episodes

“This piece is titled… The Same Parts” – the world changed forever. Michelle Visage scoffing “this piece” before Tatianna does a spoken word masterpiece that was instantly Drag Race history is just magical. This episode is such an iconic blast, showing that all the hype of the cast being this good was worth it. The perfect start to the best season of Drag Race ever made.

1. Revenge of the Queens (All Stars 2)
IMDb Rating: 9.6

The gag to gag all gags. And still is to this day. Everything about Revenge of the Queens is delicious. The mirror reveal? The thriving success of Alyssa and Tatianna, culminating in those two lip syncing for the return to Shut Up And Drive and doing so bloody good that Ru brings them BOTH back – and then the dramatic elimination of Phi Phi who’d got full villain edit for the whole episode? TV peaked. They will never top this, truly the best of all Drag Race All Stars episodes.

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