These are the real-life filming locations in Netflix’s heist thriller Kaleidoscope

A lot of the action takes place on Wall Street

Kaleidoscope is Netflix’s new non-linear drama, which follows a group of thieves as they plan to take on a seven billion dollar heist. The heist thriller series has an all-star cast including Breaking Bad star Giancarlo Esposito and YOU star Tati Gabrielle. The exciting thing about Kaleidoscope is that it can be watched in order and it’ll all make sense, as it all leads to the same finale. The cast of Kaleidoscope began filming in September 2021 and finished by March 2022. There are some truly fancy locations that are featured in the series, with a lot of taking place across New York City. Here are all the different filming locations in the new Netflix heist drama Kaleidoscope:

Bushwick studio in Brooklyn

Back in 2021, Netflix established a production studio in Bushwick, Brooklyn. Kaleidoscope was the first TV series to be filmed at the 170,000 square foot studio. The studio includes six soundstages, flexible support space, offices and meeting rooms.

Manhattan’s financial district

A lot of the filming in Kaleidoscope was filmed in and around New York’s financial district. In November 2021, the cast were seen filming at Cedar Street, 28 Liberty in Manhattan’s financial district and the Midtown East neighbourhood.

Kaleidoscope Netflix filming locations

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Midtown East neighbourhood

Midtown East is the core retail and commercial neighbourhood of Manhattan. That part of New York City is home to Grand Central Terminal which a number of TV shows and movies like Armageddon and Gossip Girl were filmed.

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Suffolk County, New York

In January 2022, the cast travelled to Suffolk County, which is the easternmost county in New York state. Some of the scenes were filmed in the Town of Huntingdon and shot around Dix Hills Diner at East Jericho Turnpike. The Patchogue village and Corey Beach in the Blue Point were also a number of filming locations for Kaleidoscope.

Kaleidoscope Netflix filming locations

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Cedar Street

Cedar Street is located 0.4 miles from New York City’s Financial District and was the spot where the heist drama was filmed. Alongside Cedar Street, Kaleidoscope filmed on Lafayette Street and Great Jones Street.

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