Wakey Wines owner selling £100 Prime cans used to be a ‘near-industrial scale’ drug dealer

From selling Coke to Prime

The owner of Wakey Wines, the corner shop in Wakefield which has gone viral on TikTok for selling cans of Prime energy drink for £100 each, has previous experience of buying and selling goods for an extortionate profit: he’s a convicted former heroin and cocaine dealer.

Mohammed Nazir was sentenced to eight years in prison in 2015 after operating a “near-industrial scale” drug operation.

His ring-and-bring drug supply network saw the Wakey Wines owner managing an order line for other dealers as well as personally making deliveries himself.

Wakey Wines drugs

via West Yorkshire Police

Yorkshire Police conducted a 96-day operation between December 2014 and March 2015 to help bring down Nazir. The police found deals would take place outside Wakefield’s maximum security prison as well as the city’s magistrates court.

He plead guilty to two offences of conspiring to supply class A drugs and three offences of possession with intent to supply.

Despite his eight year sentence, he did not serve the full term and according to Companies House, took over as director of Wakefield Wines when the corner shop opened in April 2020.

Leaving his drug-dealing days behind him, Mohammed Nazir is better known now for saying catchphrases like “What’s the best shop in Wakey?”, “Abdul come closer, Abdul go back” and “Bingo bingo? Gala bingo?” to his audience of 500k followers on TikTok.


Family came from Lincolnshire and spent £1070 on prime bottles cans and WFD sweets whats the best shop in wakey! Wakey wines#wakeywines #wfdsweets #prime #fyp

♬ original sound – Wakey Wines

Since October, Wakey Wines has become renowned for selling KSI and Logan Paul’s £1.99 energy drink as bigger supermarkets have quickly sold out. Initially reselling the drink for £20 per bottle, KSI hit out at the corner shop for trying to profit off the demand, urging his followers to “get in Asda nice and early and pay £2” instead.

As demand for Prime has surged, Wakey Wines has continued to raise the price. Now selling an individual bottle of the energy drink for £100, Wakey Wines’ TikTok account was banned yesterday amid the price hike.

Within hours though the account was reinstated with a spokesperson for TikTok telling The Tab: “We are open about the fact we don’t get every moderation decision right and have reinstated the Wake [sic] Wines account.”

Prior to his 2015 conviction, Mohammed Nazir has previously gone to prison twice before, both for drug offences.

On a period of home leave from prison in 2009, he was shot in the arm, but did not reveal to the identity of his attacker to the police.

Wakey Wines was approached for comment but declined.

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