Six Easter eggs you definitely missed when watching Kaleidoscope the first time round

Omg how did I not realise?!

Kaleidoscope has spent its second week in the top 10 of Netflix TV shows since its release and no one can seem to stop talking about it. Whether it’s the confusing order to watch the series in or the fact it is loosely based on a true story, there is a lot of never ending conversation about the heist series. Now that a lot of people have probably finished the show and have gone on to watch it in different combinations, Netflix have a released a number of easter eggs that viewers may not have noticed on their first or even third watch. Here are X easter eggs you may have missed when watching Kaleidoscope:

1. The kaleidoscopic t-shirt

In the Pink episode, Leo is wearing the very same kaleidoscopic t-shirt that Roger’s son wears in the White episode. This t-shirt is also key in the episode that takes place six months after the heist in which someone in the very same t-shirt shoots Leo as he goes under a tunnel in New York. This could be further confirmation that it was Roger’s son who killed Leo, sealing the heist leader’s fate.

2. The patches on the heist uniform have the same slogan

In the Orange episode, Roger tells a woman: “We protect the things that are worth protecting”, when talking about his company. In the Blue and White episodes, RJ is stitching the patches for the crew’s heist uniforms and it has a similar slogan to Roger’s company. The patch reads: “We steal the things worth stealing.” Iconic if you ask me.


did you notice these easter eggs while watching KALEIDOSCOPE? (spoilers ahead!)

did you notice these easter eggs while watching KALEIDOSCOPE? (spoilers ahead!)

3. Stan’s wife is actually a prison guard who knows Leo

In the episode six years before the heist, as Leo and Stan try to escape, Stan stays back and is escorted back to his cell by a prison guard. If you pay close enough attention, in the Red episode when Roger’s security guard goes to look for Stan he meets his wife who is the prison guard from the Green episode.

Kaleidoscope Easter eggs

via Netflix

4. The pink sand in the Bahamas

In the Blue episode, Bob talks about spending his money from the heist on a trip to the Bahamas where he can see the pink sand. Ironically, in the Pink episode where Bob is killed, he dies on sand at the beach and it fades into the pink sand he was hoping to go and visit.

Kaleidoscope Easter eggs

via Netflix

5. Hannah kept one of the FedEx boxes from the heist

If you’ve watched all of Kaleidoscope by now, you will know that Hannah thwarted her dad’s heist by shipping the FedEx boxes of the bonds to the Cayman Islands. In the Pink episode, when Hannah is on FaceTime to Leo, fans can see a FedEx box in the background at her house, suggesting she didn’t get rid of all the money and kept some for herself.

6. In Violet episode, Hannah was hinted as the mastermind from the start

In the Violet episode, viewers are told how Leo ends up in prison as well as giving an insight into his family life before he went to prison. When playing with her mother, young Hannah beats her at a game of Mastermind and in the White episode, Hannah is revealed as the real Mastermind of the operation.

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