The Rebirth of BED Mondays: Your favourite student night has left Gravity but is back better than ever

RIP Gravity, hello dutty DnB

Despite being Bristol’s longest-running student night, “diminished student uptake” meant that BED Mondays at Gravity shut its doors at the end of last term after 16 long years. Basically, you’d all had enough of cheesy hits and binned it off.

Not to worry though, if the news of the death of BED Mondays at Gravity sent you into a weeklong depression then the relaunch of the infamous student night next week is sure to brighten up the woes of TB2.

The Bristol Tab has spoken with the team in charge to bring you the latest news of when and where BED Mondays is making its grand re-appearance.

Set to officially launch on the 23rd of January, BED has a new look curated entirely by students, for students. Long gone are the days of hearing Afraid to Feel by LF System for the third time in the span of an hour for the new and improved BED Mondays is focusing on DnB, jungle, and house- rah.

The night is being organised by students who have moved BED from the triangle to Clock Factory in the city centre. They are promising to provide “what students actually want” which is “a real dance music experience”, in the words of the organising team in charge.

Although Gravity smokers may have a special place in your heart, the new venue promises to be much cooler and will have one floor one consisting of UGK, DnB, and house. Floor two will have a more relaxed sit-down beer-hall energy, specialising in hip hop and trap with its own mini golf course, plus the classic BED ball pit.

Aware of how skint we all are at the moment, the new BED is continuing the two VKs for £5 deal and has priced entry at a fiver a ticket (or £4 for a group of 4+) and seven pounds on the door so there’s really no excuse not to throw on your best Urban Outfitters corset and dance the night away.

If the move away from Gravity fills you with anxiety about where you’ll get your 3am cheesy chips fix if not from Jason Donervan then fear not, for Royal Kebab House is at the bottom of park street to greet you with open arms.

The Tab will be heading down to the opening night to get the scoop on what the hype is really all about so keep your eyes peeled for that.

To welcome in the new event, BED is offering free tickets for entry before midnight AND running a giveaway where you could be in with a chance of winning five tickets to the relaunch, two tickets to Electrikal High Rise Hub festival, one BED Black Card, a £100 bar tab and two tickets to Jungle Cakes @ Clock Factory, #lit. You can enter by reposting their Instagram post on @bedmondays on your story.

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