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Love Island’s Faye and Teddy have reportedly been in ‘crisis talks’ about their relationship

The couple are apparently figuring out ‘what it is they want’

Love Island’s Faye Winter and Teddy Soares were reportedly holding “crisis talks” in a bid to save their relationship. Following time apart, the couple were said to be “on the edge of calling it quits”.

An insider close to the couple has said they are giving things another go, following months of rumours about the break down of their relationship.

According to the insider, the Love Island couple had been spending time apart in order to figure out what it is they want. The source told The Sun: “Things haven’t been working between Teddy and Faye for a while now. The tension bubbled over a couple of weeks ago and they’ve been spending some time apart trying to figure out what they want.”

via Instagram @teddy_soares

Faye is reportedly “fighting to save their relationship and hopes they’ll be able to get back on track.” During the summer of 2022, the rumour mill began to spin about Teddy and Faye’s possible split as fans noticed they hadn’t posted photos of each other on their Instagrams for two months.

Faye recently told the Mirror: “We’re just in a very normal relationship, very loved up and sometimes it just doesn’t come onto social media. I know our followers follow us because they love us together.”

Amid these rumours, Teddy confirmed they were both still in a relationship after posting a photo of Faye in their garden and in September 2022, they both had got a dog named Bonnie.

Earlier this month, Teddy posted a photo of himself in tears and told his fans it’s “okay to cry”. He said: “It’s definitely okay to cry, it’s definitely okay to let your emotions out.” Faye was also absent from her Instagram at the beginning of the year and told her worried fans she “just needed two weeks to reset.”

She said: “Sorry for the deafening silence but it was needed. Last year I took a battering, I took one for most people’s team. Even to the point that my physical health took a battering. I just needed two weeks to reset.”

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