Stephen Bear’s sentencing has been delayed until March to allow for a ‘psychiatric report’

He was found guilty of voyeurism and sharing private sexual images in December 2022

Stephen Bear’s sentencing has been delayed until March 2023 after a judge granted time for a psychiatric report.

In December 2022, Bear was found guilty on two counts of disclosing private sexual images and one of voyeurism after he shared a video of himself having sex with former Love Island star Georgia Harrison, without her consent. In August 2020, Bear and Georgia had sex in his garden which was filmed on his CCTV and he then uploaded the footage to his OnlyFans and shared it on WhatsApp.

Stephen Bear was due to be sentenced today, on January 31st 2023, but defence barrister Gemma Rose made an application to adjourn the hearing until March. The barrister said Bear needed a psychiatric assessment, as he was unable to be formally diagnosed and it would be “beneficial” to the court.

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She said: “The sentence should be adjourned for the wait to prepare this report. I realise the delay will cause stress and anxiety to all those involved in the proceedings, but it’s in my submission the court have all the evidence available before it. The crown have cited Mr Bear’s behaviour at trial and I believe a psychiatric report will provide some context.”

Judge Christopher Morgan said: “The defendant must be made aware of the new sentencing date and If he doesn’t attend without good reason, a warrant could be issued for his arrest.”

The new sentencing date is now set for the 3rd of March 2023.

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