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A rundown of the quickest times Islanders have said ‘I love you’ in the villa

I can hear wedding bells for Shaq and Tanya already

Shaq and Tanya told each other they loved one another in record time on winter Love Island 2023. After just two weeks they hit a relationship milestone without even being in a relationship or exclusive. A lot of viewers are questioning how true their feelings actually are for one another, but only time will tell.

Shaq and Tanya may have rushed to share their love for one another, but they wouldn’t be the first Islanders to do so. While feelings are heightened in the villa due to being with each other 24 hours every single day, the moment of saying I love you happens quicker than your average person.

From Shaq and Tanya to Gabby and Marcel, this is how quick it took Islanders to say they loved each other.

Shaq and Tanya – Two weeks and two days

Tanya and Shaq said they loved each other after just 16 days in the Love Island villa. This is the quickest any Love Island couple has said those famous three words. During the episode, Shaq said: “The way you smile makes me smile and everything that’s happened with us and how things have progressed, I’m going to be honest the way I feel about you is getting stronger and stronger everyday. I do see a whole future with you. Tanya, I love you.”

I love you Love Island

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Tanya squealed and said: “I love you too babe.” Love Island viewers were in two minds about what happened but overall were fairly happy for Tanya and Shaq. Indiyah, who was on the 2022 series, said: “I love this for Tanya and Shaq, life is for living at the end of the day!”

Molly-Mae and Tommy – Just under a month

In just under one month of being in a couple, Molly-Mae and Tommy said they loved each other. Tommy and Molly coupled up on day five on Love Island and confessed their feelings on July 9th 2019, which is roughly a little less than one month.

In just under one month of being in a couple, Molly-Mae and Tommy said they loved each other. Tommy and Molly coupled up on day five on Love Island and confessed their feelings on July 9th 2019, which is roughly a little less than one month.

In true Love Island fashion, Molly-Mae told the girls separately in the morning and she said: “We’ve actually dropped the L bomb. I really like the way we have done it because it’s not been made a huge deal.”

Molly-Mae and Tommy have since welcomed their first child together, Bambi, and are elated to be new parents.

via Instagram @mollymae

Dami and Indiyah – A little under one month

Dami and Indiyah had a bit of a whirlwind romance while they were in the villa together and didn’t couple up until day 18. After roughly 29 days, Dami and Indiyah shared their feelings for each other in an incredibly wholesome way.

I love you Love Island

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While in the villa together, Indiyah asked Dami how long it would take him to fall in love. Dami then told Indiyah he felt that he was in love and said: “I do love you though, like I actually love you, really,” to watch Indiyah told him she loved him too. I’m still tearing up.

Dami and Indiyah came third place in the Love Island competition and have even moved in together. Their relationship is showing no signs of slowing down and you absolutely love to see it.

Luca and Gemma – One month and a bit

Luca and Gemma said they loved each other after roughly 40 days of being in a couple. Despite them both entering the villa on day one, Gemma and Luca weren’t in a couple until the fifth day of Love Island.

While they were in the villa, Luca said: “Today has been the best day in the villa and I wouldn’t want it with anybody else. I can’t help how I feel and hopefully you feel the same. You know I’ve fallen for you and I’ve brought you to where we had our first chat. I’ve never been so sure in saying something because I’ve not seen a future with someone like I have with you. I am in love with you. I do love you and that’s it.”

I love you Love Island

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Gemma replied: “I love you too”. The pair didn’t get into a relationship until after the show but it was short lived as they split up after just three months of being together.

Gabby and Marcel – Just about one month

Gabby and Marcel were one of the strongest couples on season three of Love Island after Gabby entered as a bombshell after one week. The pair faced some troubles in the villa after the lie detector test said Gabby was lying when she said she loved Marcel. However, everything was quickly cleared up as Gabby said she loved Marcel in an extravagant way in the villa.

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Gabby and Marcel were together for a while before the two split up after Marcel cheated on Gabby. The Blazin’ Squad member admitted to the cheating rumours and his rep said: “Sadly the rumours are true, Gabby and Marcel have split up. Marcel can’t really defend his actions as he knows he did wrong and will regret it forever.”

Hannah and Jon – Six weeks

Hannah and Jon really set the blueprint for chaos on Love Island. In the early days of the show, it was only on for six weeks and that’s how long it took for John to profess his love for Hannah and ask her to marry him.

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During the commitment ceremony, Jon said: “I’ve met you and you’re the woman of my dreams and I’ve just realised it so much. Hannah, would you do me the honour of making me the happiest man alive and marrying me?” In a truly jaw-dropping turn of events, she said: “Yeah babe of course I will.”

Ekin-Su & Davide – A month and a half

All hail the best couple to win Love Island, Ekin-Su and Davide. They had a rocky start to their relationship in the villa but they came out on top in the end. Ekin-Su entered the villa on day five and on day 53 they went on their final date where they told each other they loved one another.

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After 48 days, which is roughly a month and a half, Ekin-Su and Davide confessed how much they felt for the other. During the date, Davide said: “You are very clever and a strong woman. You know what you want and I feel like I’ve found the genuine connection I was looking for. It feels like the right moment to tell you that I genuinely love you.”

Nathan and Cara – Seven weeks

Nathan and Cara dropped the L bomb during the final episode of Love Island, after seven weeks. During the Summer Ball, Nathan made his declaration of love and said: “The moment I met you, I gazed into those big green eyes, and you instantly stepped forward and I didn’t get pied. You have the best eyes, nice boobs and a never-ending arse, to go the fully way with you and win, now that would be class.”

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The poem continues on for a bit until he says: “Now Cara, I’ve fallen in love with you, will you fall in love with me? I said the love word. I don’t throw it around. I’m a man that doesn’t show his emotions but the journey me and Cara have been on, means a lot to me. I love Cara, and I mean it.”

Nathan and Cara got married in 2019 and now have two children together.

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