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Rachel Fenton has said she became addicted to fillers after starring on Love Island

‘I was just doing it because people offer it to you for free’

Former Love Island star Rachel Fenton has recently opened up about the pressures of looking good for television and how she starved herself to achieve the “perfect body” ahead of her time on the show, as well as how she fell down the hole of fillers after being on TV. Rachel featured on Love Island back in 2016 and for most of her journey on the show, she was in a couple with Rykard Jenkins.

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Speaking to The Sun, Rachel has opened up about her preparation for Love Island and how she was targeted by trolls about her weight. Rachel admitted she starved herself and followed a strict exercise regime, while working 13 hour shifts as a nurse.

She said: “I was doing these 12 to 13 hour shifts at work, I was barely eating and I was going to the gym afterwards. I don’t even know how I did it now but I remember losing loads of weight – but then my boobs went. I didn’t look that nice.”

Rachel isn’t the first Islander to open up about the extent of preparations for Love Island. Megan Barton Hanson entered the Love Island villa in 2018 and she estimated she had spent over £10,000 on surgery before entering the villa to “invest” in her career. She said: “I had a boob job and a nose job at 19 and that probably cost £6,000. I’d just had veneers, which was £3,000. And then, obviously, lip fillers.”

After starring on Love Island, Rachel said she began to put on weight and received a wave of negative comments after photos of her in a bikini were posted. She said: “I just went back to eating normally and I was obviously going out a lot, drinking alcohol. I put on quite a bit of weight after I came off, I think being in a relationship as well at the time, I didn’t feel so much pressure.

“There were pictures of me on a beach and I saw comments everything saying, ‘she’s pregnant’, when I wasn’t. That was really horrible.”

Rachel Fenton Love Island

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As well receiving nasty comments from trolls, Rachel said she became addicted to fillers after being on Love Island.

She has since had it all removed, but she said: “I’d got a tiny bit before the show, but I got so much of it after. I was just doing it because people offer it to you for free, and it’s always just any old person. It’s just a little outdated now, and since Molly-Mae filmed herself getting hers dissolved, it’s become a trend to be more natural now, which I think is a really good thing.”

It took Rachel “ages to pluck up the courage” to have her filler dissolved. “I’m so happy I did”, she added.

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