Students at ‘Oxbridge for farmers’ uni strapped dead fox and stag to car roofs

The university is now investigating

Students at a British uni that has previously been dubbed the “Oxbridge for farmers” strapped a dead fox and a dead stag to car roofs at a RAG charity rally.

Warning: Graphic images

A Snapchat image shows students from the Royal Agricultural University (RAU) had placed a dead fox on the roof of a car, with its limbs tied down with straps.

The university is in Cirencester, Gloucestershire, and the Snapchat’s caption read: “Does it get anymore Ciren”.

Another image shows a dead stag’s head and skin strapped with some string to the bonnet of a Land Rover.

RAU said it is now investigating the incident and condemned the behaviour, saying: “The behaviours on display by a select minority of our students during this year’s RAG Rally go against the university’s core values.”

The university, which counts King Charles as its previous president and offers degrees such as “applied equine science”, is the university with the third-highest proportion of private school students in the whole country – over one third of its students were privately educated. Basically, it’s mega posh.

A spokesperson from Three Counties SABS, a campaign group who sabotages fox hunts in the area, has called it “grotesque”. She told the Evening Standard how it is “a disrespectful thing to do to parade a body around for some kind of amusement”.

Gloucestershire Police said it is has been in contact with RAU, saying police officers were present at the rally and spoke to students there to give them advice. “No criminal offences are believed to have taken place at this time”, it said.

A Royal Agricultural University spokesman told MailOnline: “We condemn this behaviour. As soon as we were made aware of this incident, the details were passed to our Student Services team and an investigation was started immediately.

“We have spoken to the Police and to our Students’ Union to identify those involved. We will absolutely not tolerate this kind of behaviour and will deal with those involved appropriately in light of the severity of the incident.

“The behaviours on display by a select minority of our students during this year’s RAG Rally go against the University’s core values. The severity of those incidents has led to the decision by the University to withdraw support for the Rally in future years.”

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